Saturday, December 5, 2009


I had a clinic appointment yesterday, which was good timing, since I had just been sick. I was definately a little nervous about doing PFT's, I was afraid they would've dropped a LOT. I did lots of praying as I was driving there!! Well, I was very surprised to find out that my FEV1 was just the same as 2 months ago at 42% and 1.11 L. My O2 level was 94%. So, yes, I was relieved! Dr. M. did say that overall I met the criteria for doing IV's for a week or two, but after she and Dr. S talked, they decided to keep me on oral cipro for two more weeks instead. So I am a happy camper!! There is only one issue left...I am supposed to have a bronchoscopy next Wednesday (9th), since I haven't cultured any bugs for a year, just aspergillus, they want to see if any are hiding down deep. They are just surprised that I haven't had any more pseudomonas for over a not sure why I keep having flare ups. But since I've been on the cipro and will continue, I may have to cancel and do it later. So I'll call that doctor on Monday to see if I'll be doing it or not. And that's the end of my rather boring little post!

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Katey said...

Congrats on the good appointment! I'm glad your PFT's did not decrease and you are able to escape IV's a little while longer! I will be praying for your Bronch on Wednesday. Let us know how it goes!

Oh..and i tried answering your chat on facebook tonight, but when i did, you had already logged off. Sorry!