Saturday, January 30, 2010


Yesterday I headed to Akron for clinic in the lovely 9 degree OH weather. It was a long afternoon, they were busy and I had to wait in my room a long time! The pulmonary function test (pft's) showed that my lung function was down from last time...from 52% to 41%. I don't really understand why, because I don't feel bad. I will have to say tho, that my sinuses have been worse and I've been having sinus headaches and lots of drainage. So I think we caught it early before I did get sick. I'm back on cipro for a few weeks... 500 mg. 3 times a day. Dr. S did say that it's kind of my pattern, needing antibiotics about every 2-2 and 1/2 months. I also have to go back on Tobi. Yuck. I just finished 28 days of that not long ago, but he says using Tobi along with the antibiotic helps more. I don't enjoy doing Tobi (mostly because it extends treatment time), but oh well, if it helps. Here's an interesting tidbit...when the Dr. came in my room, he said I am the third patient in a row that is in their 50's! How awesome is that?? Since the average age for a CF person is 37. So they were jokingly calling it geriatric day! I think there are only about 500 people in the US with cystic fibrosis over the age of 50. I have connected with a lot of older CF patients via internet. Hopefully they'll keep coming up with new meds that work, so there will be MORE geriatric CFers! And the ultimate thing would of course, be a cure!!

Thursday, January 28, 2010

The hand

No, I'm not being sworn in... I had carpal tunnel surgery last Friday on my right hand. It was quite an interesting experience! I was awake during the surgery, as I just had a local in my hand to numb it. It was the only time I've EVER just walked into surgery and climbed up on the table. I would've watched, but I wasn't allowed! I was under a little tent like thing. The entire thing lasted about 40minutes. I could pretty much tell what was happening, even though I couldn't feel anything really, could tell when he was cutting, tugging and suturing. The doctor and his assistant were discussing cars during surgery. I was wishing for a small TV myself to get my mind off the tugging stuff. It was a suggestion I gave them to consider. Afterwards, I got off the table, walked to recovery, sat in a chair, got dressed with help from the nurse. Then had to sign 2 release papers. Really. Totally impossible with my right hand, so I had to use my left. Awkward...looked a bit like a dr. signature. Then I was escorted out to pick up a muffin and juice while I waited for my sister to pick me up. Anyways, the past week has consisted of not doing too much. I watched some movies and just chilled. The one big challenge was having to take both dogs to the vet one day for vaccinations. At least they are tiny. I was going to just stack them, but Meg ended up walking in (as she was shaking). They both shake to the point of vibrating as soon as I turn into the drive...when we were finished, one of the assisstants carried them out to my car. This morning I went to the doctor and got my hand unwrapped. The stitches will stay in for another week yet. It's still sore, but they said it looks good, if you can consider a hand with 7 stitches looking good. I will do my left hand after 6 weeks...that one should be a lot easier, since I'm right handed. And that's the end of the hand story.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Twinkle twinkle

One day soon after New Years, I was at Jeremy's babysitting the boys for awhile. Kayden was taking a nap at the time, so I got to spend some quality time with just Perrin. I had brought this karoke machine along and just used the mike and 20 month old Perrin started "singing". His song of choice was "Twinkle twinkle little star". He jabbers a lot, but is also building a pretty decent vocabulary. If you listen closely, you can hear the words twinkle, star and sky. Way cute!

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Snow and noodles

We have gotten a LOT of snow the last few days!! School was let out early on Thursday and there was no school on Friday. Not that that affects me anymore, but I still love it when there is a snow day, because I do remember the feeling of getting a snow day!!

Why is it that whenever it snows like this, I just want to eat/make food/bake??? Yesterday I decided that I'd make noodles. It really doesn't take much time because I have an attachment for my Kitchen aid mixer. I love making noodles...there's this feeling of accomplishment, I guess.

I decided to add some herbs to the dough, like parsley, rosemary and thyme...thus the little specks in the dough.

This is the really fun part, when you put on the attachment that actually cuts the noodles. And usually I catch the noodles as they come out and then toss them on the countertop...but I had to take the picture!

So I let them dry for several hours on my countertop, flipping them occasionally. Then I package them into freezer ziploc bags and store them in the freezer. Only I did keep enough out to make some chicken noodle soup for sup!