Thursday, January 28, 2010

The hand

No, I'm not being sworn in... I had carpal tunnel surgery last Friday on my right hand. It was quite an interesting experience! I was awake during the surgery, as I just had a local in my hand to numb it. It was the only time I've EVER just walked into surgery and climbed up on the table. I would've watched, but I wasn't allowed! I was under a little tent like thing. The entire thing lasted about 40minutes. I could pretty much tell what was happening, even though I couldn't feel anything really, could tell when he was cutting, tugging and suturing. The doctor and his assistant were discussing cars during surgery. I was wishing for a small TV myself to get my mind off the tugging stuff. It was a suggestion I gave them to consider. Afterwards, I got off the table, walked to recovery, sat in a chair, got dressed with help from the nurse. Then had to sign 2 release papers. Really. Totally impossible with my right hand, so I had to use my left. Awkward...looked a bit like a dr. signature. Then I was escorted out to pick up a muffin and juice while I waited for my sister to pick me up. Anyways, the past week has consisted of not doing too much. I watched some movies and just chilled. The one big challenge was having to take both dogs to the vet one day for vaccinations. At least they are tiny. I was going to just stack them, but Meg ended up walking in (as she was shaking). They both shake to the point of vibrating as soon as I turn into the drive...when we were finished, one of the assisstants carried them out to my car. This morning I went to the doctor and got my hand unwrapped. The stitches will stay in for another week yet. It's still sore, but they said it looks good, if you can consider a hand with 7 stitches looking good. I will do my left hand after 6 weeks...that one should be a lot easier, since I'm right handed. And that's the end of the hand story.


Laura said...

So glad that all went well and I'm sure you're glad to have the wrapping off. Heal quickly and enjoy having your hand back.

Laura (California)

The Starr Family said...

I love your winter-y blog design! Cozy!

What an interesting surgery? Not certain I would have enjoyed being "aware"?? You are one tough cookie Marcia!

Written Permission said...

Love the new page design!

Wow -- I can't believe you actually wanted to watch! Crazy lady. :) I'm glad you're doing better!

Aspiemom said...

This was very interesting, Marcia! That's weird to be awake and hearing everything while they operate. I'm sure you're discovering just how much you use your right hand! Heal quickly.