Monday, February 1, 2010

Sew...I did it!

Last winter I started piecing this wallhanging quilt. The piecing part went pretty well and was fun, but then I was kind of stuck on where to go from there, since I don't really do quilting. I have done it, but don't particularly enjoy it. So a friend told me about a walker foot that attaches to your machine. I went and checked it out and it really wasn't expensive like I thought it would be, so I got it and started sewing. I got maybe half of it done and then it was spring and time to work I folded it up and put it away for awhile. A few weeks ago, on a snowy day, I got inspired to work on it again. I wanted to finish it before my carpal tunnel surgery. I finished the machine sewing in maybe two days, then I had to sew the binding on and finish that by hand. So here is the finished product...finally!!

I decided to hang it above the couch in the living room, we have 9 foot ceilings, so it fits there pretty well.

I had also made this table runner to practice using the walker foot, so I finished this last winter. I have a couple of pieced squares left and I thought they would be nice made into potholders...after my hand is healed!


The Starr Family said...

Marcia, that is truly beautiful. I am always amazed at the patience, precision, and talent of quilters (by hand or machine!). Looks great above the couch!

Aspiemom said...

That turned out really nice! I like the runner, too, because it ties in with the wall hanging.

I quilted a wall hanging by hand back when I was very first married (about 22-23 years ago). It had pastel hearts inside squares and the whole thing hung from a dowel rod. My hand was so tired time I was done! Then a friend saw it on my wall and begged to buy it from me and I sold it to her. I've always wished I'd kept it, just because it was my "one and only."

Written Permission said...

Beeyoootiful!! :)

Judy said...

You are just a lady of many talents! The wall hanging is great and fits so nicely above your couch. Nice job!!

janet44654 said...

Marcia..Great job! I LOVE quilts and I LOVE to quilt! Beautiful...inspires me to finish mine...I won't tell how long it has been in the frame ;-)

Keetha Broyles said...

Thank you so much for finding my blog AND deciding to follow it. How DID you find me, BTW?

I'm very interested in the fact that you were an adult BEFORE you were diagnosed with CF. That's rather unusual, I'd think.

I do know just a little about CF, being the wife of a medical provider, a high school anatomy teacher, and having a scare that our oldest son might have it. In our case, his tests (done when he was a little over a year old) came back negative. We felt so blessed, and yet I will tell you - - - I wondered then and even more now, why WE were spared when so many others are not. I do NOT think the fact that you have CF means you are any less blessed by the Lord.

I have another blogging friend, Carrie, who also has CF. I marvel at her fortitude in facing all life throws her way - - - and I'm sure as I get to "know" you over time here on your blog, I will feel the same way about you.