Sunday, February 28, 2010

Arizona trip

From here...

Yes, this is how it looked as K and I left from home to go to Columbus airport to leave for Arizona. here...

We were waiting in line to check luggage and then were told our flight was cancelled, due to stormy weather in Dallas, our layover...We couldn't get a flight out anymore that day, so we drug all our luggage back out to the car and drove to a motel closeby. We relaxed a bit and then went to a mall, to a movie (When in Rome). I was tired I guess and pretty much slept through it :( And then to the Cheesecake Factory. We left our car parked at the motel, which was cheaper than the airport and were shuttled back to the airport at 5:40 the next morning. This was a nonstop flight to Phoenix, leaving at 7:30am. here...

It's quite amazing how the view can change in a few short hours!!

This is the view from our small patio at the motel. We had a little path to the pool and were close to the breakfast area.

One of the evenings, eating in a little Italian restaurant in Old Town Scottsdale. The way some of these tables were set up, you were halfway inside and halfway outside...pretty cool!

Chicken piccata and homemade ravioli. My hubby thinks I'm nuts posting about food...he's not a foodie like me!

One day a friend Linda from my church met us for lunch. Her parents winter in Phoenix and she was visiting them. We went to AZ 88 in Old Town. We sat outside on the patio. Across from the patio was a park and performing arts center. Some native Indians were performing outside. They had a time to take pictures after their performance, so we acted like typical tourists, I guess.

It was a nice change to see some flowers blooming again!! They were along a walking path close to the hotel.

We went on part of the Apache Trail, which was very pretty, especially Canyon Lake!! It was beautiful!!!

We stopped at a small town on the trail and these were the bathroom stalls!! So that provided some entertainment for us!!

This was the restaurant and ice cream shop there. It was papered in dollar bills. I guess you can sign one and they put it up...quite interesting...although we didn't contribute...

And this was a little mining town we stopped at for a bit. We didn't do the whole trail, because it gets gravelly and there are a ton of hairpin turns, but it was interesting and pretty. We had a lot of curves with the blacktop road...and there are no guardrails...

This was a road trip day to Sedona. We took a drive to Sedona the last time we were here. The red mountains are just beautiful, my pictures don't do them justice.

A Mexican place we really enjoyed that had homemade chips...SOOOO good!!! I was a pig!

This is on the way to the airport...our girl week was about to come to an end! We stopped for our last gelato treat on the way and sat out on the patio. The weather was great all week...always in the mid to high 70's. It did rain the day before we left, so that was a mall day and another movie. Such a fun relaxing week! We each had read through three books, soaked up vitamin D by the pool, watched three movies (we recommend Dear John), walked, slept in, ate a lot, enjoyed gelato almost every day, and watched the Olympics, talked and laughed (a lot)!! We tried to get bumped at the airport, so we could get free tickets like last year, (which we used for this trip) but it didn't happen...

and now I'm back to here...!!

But it's always good to get home...

Friday, February 26, 2010

Rose from fundraiser

Just thought I'd share my beautiful rose with you on this snowy makes me happy to be looking at it!

Thursday, February 25, 2010

My busy little day

I headed to Akron for my ENT appointment, which went well. My tube (in the ear) came out, she was disppointed that it did so quickly, but on the other hand was not eardrum is paper thin from having so many tubes put in over the years. Just what you wanted to hear about,right! Anyway, I got done with the appointment just in time to get home and head out to the CF dinner/fundraiser at the Carlisle Inn. Wonderful dinner of course, some special music and then Dr. K, the pediatric CF dr. from Akron CF center talked. It was very interesting and he talked about the new meds being tested in trials and the new nebulized antibiotic called Crayston that has just been released two days ago. A few of the nurses and the social worker from Akron were there too. I was surprised to see some parents of kids I'd had in school, the one parent had a brother in his 30's who just died a few months ago of CF. There were probably about 400 peeps there altogether. After Dr. K talked, they had an auction of some pretty cool things, which ended up raising over $10,400 to go to the CF Foundation. And there were red rose stickers under several plates and I had one, so I got a real red rose! It was a pretty awesome evening!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010


We got back from beautiful warm sunny Arizona early early Monday morning...2:15am to be exact. I'll download some pictures in the next couple of days. We had a GREAT time! My only problem was that my recently carpal tunnel surgeried hand was still quite ouchy and pulling the luggage and my vest was a challenge! So I had a pretty sore hand most of the week. Well actually, that wasn't my only problem...I started having some coughing fits. And I kept thinking, OK I just got off two weeks of cipro and I'm in a warm sunny dry place...why??? So yesterday, I called clinic and got an appointment for today. My pft's hadn't fallen from last time...FEV1 42% on all three tries and 1.02 L. My O2 sats were pretty good. But I sounded tight and wheezy everywhere. Well everywhere in my lungs :) So another round of cipro, 50mg. prednisone and sporanox for the aspergillus that I keep culturing, which might be the cause of my exacerbations, they think. Tomorrow I have an ENT appointment (sigh) another trip to Akron and in the evening we're going to a CF fundraiser dinner/auction. Oh, and it's snowing again...

Wednesday, February 10, 2010


Yep, MORE SNOW! Yesterday we got another storm, which brought several more inches on top of the other snow...white on white! So no school yesterday, today or tomorrow as well as lots of cancellations. Tonight there is a lot of wind and blowing out there, which means drifting. I don't think we've had this much snow in several years. Everywhere you look...big piles of snow! My lungs are ready to breathe some warmer, dry air. SOOOO, I'm heading to Arizona tomorrow!! Leaving at 5am for Columbus airport with my friend Karen. I hope we don't have trouble getting to the airport AND that there are no delays. I am ready!! The house is clean, some meals made for hubby, laundry done, the doggies are bathed and trimmed, suitcase packed...I'm ready for bed, watching American Idol. Now if I can just sleep!! (kinda excited)...

Saturday, February 6, 2010


Yesterday afternoon around 1:00, it started snowing. I went out for lunch with my YaYa friends to Rebecca's at 11:30, before the storm hit. School was let out 2 hours early. This picture was taken out my window at around 3:00...big flakes were coming down.

This is our little picket fence in front of our house. This was yesterday afternoon.

And this is how my poor picket fence looked this morning! Almost buried!!

These were just random pictures taken looking out of different windows. It is truly beautiful...looks like massive amounts of sparkly sugar was dumped everywhere! I just sat in a chair this morning with hot chocolate and stared outside at the beautiful landscape! It stopped snowing a little before noon today. The sheriff's office has issued a level 3, which means no one except emergency vehicles are allowed on the road, or you may be arrested. Pretty much everything is closed. Warren did have to go in to the post office this morning to work today. He called at about 9:00 and said no mail even came in, but he still has to stay for the day. My snow baking mode kicked right in and I've been baking valentine cutout cookies and cupcakes. Yesterday I tried a recipe for parmesan crackers. I used to make crackers when the kids were little. These tasted OK, but I should have rolled them thinner. I couldn't do it very well because my hand is still pretty sore, so if I make them again, I'd roll them thinner and also add some herbs.
Luckily our electric has stayed on. My sister's has been out and I know of others too. Last night Warren got my brother's truck and went out to get her and Katelyn and brought them up to my dads. Her hubby stayed home to monitor the kerosene heater. Their power is still out. The sun is out now and some of the snow is already melting from the trees. Now I think I'll go frost those cookies...

Monday, February 1, 2010

Sew...I did it!

Last winter I started piecing this wallhanging quilt. The piecing part went pretty well and was fun, but then I was kind of stuck on where to go from there, since I don't really do quilting. I have done it, but don't particularly enjoy it. So a friend told me about a walker foot that attaches to your machine. I went and checked it out and it really wasn't expensive like I thought it would be, so I got it and started sewing. I got maybe half of it done and then it was spring and time to work I folded it up and put it away for awhile. A few weeks ago, on a snowy day, I got inspired to work on it again. I wanted to finish it before my carpal tunnel surgery. I finished the machine sewing in maybe two days, then I had to sew the binding on and finish that by hand. So here is the finished product...finally!!

I decided to hang it above the couch in the living room, we have 9 foot ceilings, so it fits there pretty well.

I had also made this table runner to practice using the walker foot, so I finished this last winter. I have a couple of pieced squares left and I thought they would be nice made into potholders...after my hand is healed!