Thursday, February 25, 2010

My busy little day

I headed to Akron for my ENT appointment, which went well. My tube (in the ear) came out, she was disppointed that it did so quickly, but on the other hand was not eardrum is paper thin from having so many tubes put in over the years. Just what you wanted to hear about,right! Anyway, I got done with the appointment just in time to get home and head out to the CF dinner/fundraiser at the Carlisle Inn. Wonderful dinner of course, some special music and then Dr. K, the pediatric CF dr. from Akron CF center talked. It was very interesting and he talked about the new meds being tested in trials and the new nebulized antibiotic called Crayston that has just been released two days ago. A few of the nurses and the social worker from Akron were there too. I was surprised to see some parents of kids I'd had in school, the one parent had a brother in his 30's who just died a few months ago of CF. There were probably about 400 peeps there altogether. After Dr. K talked, they had an auction of some pretty cool things, which ended up raising over $10,400 to go to the CF Foundation. And there were red rose stickers under several plates and I had one, so I got a real red rose! It was a pretty awesome evening!

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The Starr Family said...

Marcia... what a neat evening! And congrats on raising so much money, that's fantastic! Glad you are home to this snow again :)