Friday, March 26, 2010


While I really DO love snow (during winter), I was just starting to breathe in the beautiful Spring weather. My pretty yellow daffodils and crocuses are now blanketed in snow and there was a 2 hour school delay. Snow, I'm pretty much done with you now, please go away.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010


Haven't been blogging much lately. I've been busy with stuff...we dyed Easter eggs one day just for fun. By the end, one cup had been spilled and several eggs were cracked, but oh well, they had fun!

He spilled the pink right after I took this picture.

I've been busy going to Katelyn's games too... (I have no idea why the font changed again...)

Here is our group of 5 seniors as the team is ready to leave for Columbus last Thursday morning. Katelyn is the taller blonde one. I will miss these guys!! The girls won their state semi-final by one point, thanks to a Katelyn shot.

Katelyn being introduced in the state final game.

Right before the game started.

After the game and getting their trophy.
The girls were runners up in the state tournament...quite disappointing for them. They lost by 4 points. I felt bad for them, they worked so hard since last summer for this. But on the other hand, how many people even end up their basketball career going to state? We were runners up last year also. ( Is that right?? Runners up doesn't sound quite right)... I had so much fun watching Katelyn play over the years, as well as her sister Lindsay and my other niece Jill. Twelve consecutive years. But it's Kate's last year and now I've run out of nieces! I may have to adopt one for next year!

I've been having trouble with my hands since the carpal tunnel surgeries. I went to therapy yesterday and I've got lots of scar tissue in my hands. The right one that was done 2 months ago is probably the worst. I have to massage it 4 times a day with lotion, she gave me a thing to do it with. I got the stitches out of my left hand last Thursday and it's kind of been splitting open. The other one did that too when I was in Arizona. I have to be a little more careful massaging the left one. My sister did this surgery a couple of years ago, and had no trouble with either hand. Leave it to me....! I can use my hands, they just hurt yet. I go to therapy again tomorrow.

Last Wednesday I had a clinic visit. I was wheezy again and my pft's were down. I was NOT happy because I thought they'd be up after the steroids. But tune up time is just around the corner. I haven't had to have IV's since the end of July. Monday I'm going to get my picc line put in...the good thing is that I can just go to Pomerene hospital here to get the picc put in. They only started doing picc lines since my last IV's. So I don't have to go all the way to Akron, which is great! And I can do the IV's at home again, no hospital, so that's great too. It'll be for 2-3 weeks.

Today is a rainy, dreary day, maybe a nice afternoon to read...or nap. I had some friends over for brunch this morning and we had a nice time. It has been really sunny and fairly warm out until today. You can really tell that spring is coming! Love it!! I'm ready...

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Pray 4 Maggie

Our Sunday school class has been praying for this little girl, who has been fighting leukemia for quite awhile (she is two years old). She has recently had some major bleeds and lung complications...and is in very critical condition. Please pray for Maggie and her parents, as well as the doctors working with her. Click here if you want to check out her blog.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Celebration time, come on!!

This morning I took my last prednisone pill. PTL!!! This round of steroids was truly a struggle for me and I'm SOOOO glad to be done!!! The side effects just really hit full force. On the other hand, I know they are a great anti-inflammatory and I know they've helped my lungs, plus my joints feel great! I'm totally ready to be done with the hunger thing and not sleeping much. To celebrate, I'm going to dye Easter eggs with my little boys. Yeah, it's too early...but why not?? It's a cold, gray, cloudy day and that will brighten it up! We're also going to plant some grass in a container so we can watch it grow and then at Easter it'll be a nice centerpiece with eggs hidden in it! We might have to "mow" it a few times too!!

The other reason for celebrating is that our high school girls basketball team is now in the state final four in tournaments!! Last week on Wed. evening, we won a thriller with a last second 3-pointer sending us into overtime and we won by 5. Incredible game!! We won the next game Sat. night by 23. So now we are heading to Columbus to play Fri. at 1:00 in the state semi-finals. My niece Katelyn is a senior and is a post player. I've had 3 nieces play basketball over the last 10 years and it's been lots of fun! Katelyn played so well Sat. night. I'd love, love, love it if we could win the championship...we did when my other two nieces each played. So...wish us luck...and prayers that no one gets hurt! (Two girls on the team tore their ACL this year).

Yay Lady Hawks and no more steroids!!!

Friday, March 12, 2010

Easy chocolate mousse

First of all, you bake a box of brownies. I like Ghirardelli, but you can use whatever brand you like. Or you can use homemade too of course. You eat as many as you want and then in the next day or two when they're not as fresh and good, you can make mousse with them!!

All you do is put some brownies in your blender. I just throw some in...maybe eight. Then you pour in heavy whipping cream. And blend. Keep adding until it's the right consistency. Blend it on high speed for a minute or so, you want it really smooth. And that's it! You have chocolate brownie mousse!

Pour it out, chill in the frig. I added a pirouette stick and more whipped cream on top. Chocolate shavings would be nice on top too. Rich and yummy!!

You could keep brownies in the freezer and then take a few out to make a quick mousse. You can also use leftover cake too. Use leftover pumpkin bars for a pumpkin mousse.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

I. hate. steroids.

need sleep
need food

Monday, March 8, 2010

Look what I found today!

Some little green shoots poking up through the earth in my flower bed!

Some grass in my front yard!!

And my sidewalk has appeared!!

I Scream, You Scream...

Yesterday I saw on Facebook that Guerne Dairy was giving away free small ice cream cones from 2-9, no purchase necessary. Just to celebrate the fact that spring is around the corner!!! I don't like to pass up free stuff, especially FOOD, especially when I'm on steroids and ALL I can think of is FOOD. Plus we LOVE Guerne ice cream!! So we called Jeremy's and over we went. The small cones are actually pretty large. They usually have a special flavor of the week, but this was just chocolate, vanilla or twist. Kayden got the twist.

OK, so Perrin has not had many cones in his little life and didn't quite know what to do with the thing. He looked it over awhile, we showed him how to do it, but he had his own way of eating it...

We did eventually put his in a dish, which made him mad, but he gave in later and used a spoon. I just noticed that weird looking thing in the left corner, which is my wrapped up hand from my carpal tunnel surgery!! I will get it unwrapped and checked tomorrow, can't wait!! Stitches will still be in one more week. I'm very ready to get this big wrap off!!!

Speaking of ice cream made me think back to AZ and our favorite gelato. I forgot to post pictures of our gelato!!! I LOVE this stuff!! It is only in AZ and called The Gelato Spot. I so want to open a franschise here!! Seriously...It's expensive, but so very good! And supposed to be better for you than ice cream. Just take a look at this stuff!!! The one in the front left is snicker bar, which was one of my favorites. But I also loved the buttered almond there in the back row. Beside the snicker is coffee, which was Karen's favorite.

The fruity ones were awesome too. Love the presentation of them. It would be lovely to be able to order one tray!

Raspberry swirl with white chocolate and New York cheesecake were great. And the caramello. Every time we went in, we'd get about 6 sample bites before deciding.
I think I'll do some googling and figure out if I can make it at home...

Friday, March 5, 2010

Sleepless in Ohio

That's me this week. Because of prednisone. I have energy. At night. Not fun. I just lay there and think. And toss and turn, trying to do it quietly, since I'm sandwiched between two little dogs and a husband. And I have to protect my wrapped hand when I turn. At least I will start tapering on the pred. after tomorrow. Prednisone makes me hungry too. And I want to cook and bake and eat. Only I can't because I'm one handed right now. I found these wonderful looking blueberry bars on a blog and I'm dying to make them. But I can't. I begged my sister to make them (so I'm hoping). Don't they look great??!! On the upside, the sun has been shining, my lungs are feeling better and my joints feel great. I just need more sleep! I took ambien the last two nights and it did help somewhat. I had my carpal tunnel surgery on Monday (left hand). Again, I was awake for it, had a local and it went fine. The doctor almost cancelled it since I was on the pred, but we ended up doing it. I'm glad to have the carpal tunnel thing behind me. My right hand is still sore, but healing well. I'll have my left hand wrapped and the stitches in it for another week and a half. I had a clinic appointment at Akron on Wednesday and my DIL Stephanie took me. My PFT's were up a few points, lungs sounded better, so all good. I had to have bloodwork to check liver function since I'm on sporanox (antifungal). Yesterday I went to a Bible study at church, they are starting a new Beth Moore study. Talk about energy...she is blessed!!! I've done two of her studies before, but it's been a few years. Tonight I'm going to a tournament game of Katelyn's...too bad I can't clap! But I'll be there with energy!!