Friday, March 5, 2010

Sleepless in Ohio

That's me this week. Because of prednisone. I have energy. At night. Not fun. I just lay there and think. And toss and turn, trying to do it quietly, since I'm sandwiched between two little dogs and a husband. And I have to protect my wrapped hand when I turn. At least I will start tapering on the pred. after tomorrow. Prednisone makes me hungry too. And I want to cook and bake and eat. Only I can't because I'm one handed right now. I found these wonderful looking blueberry bars on a blog and I'm dying to make them. But I can't. I begged my sister to make them (so I'm hoping). Don't they look great??!! On the upside, the sun has been shining, my lungs are feeling better and my joints feel great. I just need more sleep! I took ambien the last two nights and it did help somewhat. I had my carpal tunnel surgery on Monday (left hand). Again, I was awake for it, had a local and it went fine. The doctor almost cancelled it since I was on the pred, but we ended up doing it. I'm glad to have the carpal tunnel thing behind me. My right hand is still sore, but healing well. I'll have my left hand wrapped and the stitches in it for another week and a half. I had a clinic appointment at Akron on Wednesday and my DIL Stephanie took me. My PFT's were up a few points, lungs sounded better, so all good. I had to have bloodwork to check liver function since I'm on sporanox (antifungal). Yesterday I went to a Bible study at church, they are starting a new Beth Moore study. Talk about energy...she is blessed!!! I've done two of her studies before, but it's been a few years. Tonight I'm going to a tournament game of Katelyn's...too bad I can't clap! But I'll be there with energy!!


Anonymous said...

Just baked the Blueberry Bars. They look pretty good....I'll be up soon:)


65 Roses for Marcia said...

no...wait...I'll be right out!!!

Anonymous said...