Tuesday, March 23, 2010


Haven't been blogging much lately. I've been busy with stuff...we dyed Easter eggs one day just for fun. By the end, one cup had been spilled and several eggs were cracked, but oh well, they had fun!

He spilled the pink right after I took this picture.

I've been busy going to Katelyn's games too... (I have no idea why the font changed again...)

Here is our group of 5 seniors as the team is ready to leave for Columbus last Thursday morning. Katelyn is the taller blonde one. I will miss these guys!! The girls won their state semi-final by one point, thanks to a Katelyn shot.

Katelyn being introduced in the state final game.

Right before the game started.

After the game and getting their trophy.
The girls were runners up in the state tournament...quite disappointing for them. They lost by 4 points. I felt bad for them, they worked so hard since last summer for this. But on the other hand, how many people even end up their basketball career going to state? We were runners up last year also. ( Is that right?? Runners up doesn't sound quite right)... I had so much fun watching Katelyn play over the years, as well as her sister Lindsay and my other niece Jill. Twelve consecutive years. But it's Kate's last year and now I've run out of nieces! I may have to adopt one for next year!

I've been having trouble with my hands since the carpal tunnel surgeries. I went to therapy yesterday and I've got lots of scar tissue in my hands. The right one that was done 2 months ago is probably the worst. I have to massage it 4 times a day with lotion, she gave me a thing to do it with. I got the stitches out of my left hand last Thursday and it's kind of been splitting open. The other one did that too when I was in Arizona. I have to be a little more careful massaging the left one. My sister did this surgery a couple of years ago, and had no trouble with either hand. Leave it to me....! I can use my hands, they just hurt yet. I go to therapy again tomorrow.

Last Wednesday I had a clinic visit. I was wheezy again and my pft's were down. I was NOT happy because I thought they'd be up after the steroids. But nope...so tune up time is just around the corner. I haven't had to have IV's since the end of July. Monday I'm going to get my picc line put in...the good thing is that I can just go to Pomerene hospital here to get the picc put in. They only started doing picc lines since my last IV's. So I don't have to go all the way to Akron, which is great! And I can do the IV's at home again, no hospital, so that's great too. It'll be for 2-3 weeks.

Today is a rainy, dreary day, maybe a nice afternoon to read...or nap. I had some friends over for brunch this morning and we had a nice time. It has been really sunny and fairly warm out until today. You can really tell that spring is coming! Love it!! I'm ready...


Linda said...

Hope your hands are better soon. Take care!!

Keetha Denise Broyles said...

My, my, you HAVE been busy! Will you be eating the colored eggs just as eggs, or will there be potato salad or egg salad in your future - - - maybe deviled eggs?

The Starr Family said...

So sorry for the girls, it was heartbreaking!

I had to laugh at the boys dying eggs... Wendy was dying eggs with the kids yesterday and I do believe they spilled more than dyed!