Saturday, April 24, 2010

It's OUT!!

Yesterday morning my home nurse April came and pulled my picc. Last August, my picc got "stuck" and it took awhile to get it out, so I wasn't sure how it would go to take it out this time. But it slid out smoothly and she put a bandaid on. But then, just to add a bit of drama, all of a sudden it started gushing blood. So she had to press on it for about 5 min. and got it stopped and she bandaged it. I was glad I had my pajamas on because I got blood all over them. It was wonderful to take a bath last night and be able to get my arm wet. It was wonderful to go to bed last night and realize I didn't have to wake up early to "hook up" to an IV. It's wonderful to have a little more energy! By the way, when I did my PFT's this week at clinic, they had gone from 38% and .96 Liters when I started IV's three and a half weeks ago to 51% and 1.23 Liters. That's right, I said 51%!!! I amazed myself! Here's hoping I will stay feeling like this for awhile!!!

Friday, April 16, 2010

Still tethered

Well, I'm still attached to my picc line. I did my best to get a 45% in my PFT's, but didn't...I did get 41% and .99 Liters, so it was up a little. Yay for that!! I still sounded pretty wheezy on my right side and they had me do a chest x-ray. I have another appointment next Wednesday, maybe I'll be unchained then :) I am feeling a little better energy wise, so that's a start!! I'm still going to hand therapy twice a week too, possibly for 4 more weeks. Between lungs and hands, lots of therapy stuff going on right now!!!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Clinic visit today

My picc line and I have a visit to my doctor at Akron today. I would love it if they would say it's ok to pull it today. I've been attached to my picc for two weeks doing home IV's and we're good buddies, but I'd be quite OK saying goodbye. So hoping for better PFT's, which were at 38% and .96Liters last week. Not so great...My goal today is 45%. If you don't know what PFT's are, basically it's lung function. 45% 45% 45% 45% (thinking positive).

Friday, April 9, 2010

Easy dessert

I had made this easy ice cream dessert for Easter. I forgot to take a picture of it until we had started cutting it and eating. It's a quick and simple dessert to have in the freezer. The thing that takes the longest is unwrapping the ice cream sandwiches!

24 ice cream sandwiches (2 boxes)
1 container of cool whip
jar of hot fudge topping (I like Dove, but any is good or use homemade)
peanut butter

Layer 12 sandwiches in an oblong pan
Spread half the cool whip on top
Drizzle with hot fudge
Drizzle with peanut butter (melt in microwave)
Freeze a couple of hours, then repeat layers
Add chopped peanut butter cups on top
Keep in freezer until ready to cut and serve
And that's it!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Easter family fun

A couple of weeks ago we planted grass seed into cups for each of the boys. Then we drew eyes, nose and mouth on the cup. The boys are watering them and having fun watching the "hair" grow! We used to do this in Kindergarten each spring when I was teaching. The kids loved giving haircuts!

We also planted some grass in a basket. I lined it with a plastic bag since I didn't have a liner for it. We watered it and set it in a sunny place so we could have this on our table for Easter dinner...

...turned out cute, don't you think??

Had to throw in a picture of my daffodils, because it looks Easterish...they survived the snow and have blooming beautifully now! My grape hyacinths are up too. Unfortunately, so are the weeds!! They were just lurking under the snow all winter, just waiting to pop up and cause trouble!! Anyways, my brother and sister and our families got together last Saturday evening for a casual dinner and Easter egg hunt for the kids.

Aila is the oldest of the grandkids and was the quickest to find eggs!

We pretty much had to lead Perrin to where his basket was and he wasn't quite sure why there was a basket in the tall grass...

He found some eggs with help, but doesn't he look like...why in the world are there eggs in the grass???

Kayden really got into the whole finding eggs and Easter basket thing this year. He just squealed with delight, especially at the basket!

We had hidden both real eggs and plastic. He had to stop and open every single plastic egg to see what was inside! And then he'd have to exclaim over whatever candy was in there.

Easter egg cutout cookies that I had made a couple of weeks ago and kept in the freezer.

Rice krispy nests that I made for the kids.
Easter Sunday was a quiet day for us...we went to church to celebrate our risen Lord and spent the rest of the day relaxing!