Saturday, May 29, 2010

Birthday boy!

My youngest grandson recently had his second birthday! It's hard to believe that he's not really a baby anymore! He's really growing up and talking a lot...he's a lot of fun!

Spending time on the playground with grandma! Having fun on the slides...

Very serious about "driving" the playground equipment.

His brother loves dinasaurs and trains, but this is tractor boy! He comments on every tractor he ever sees. We were in a store a few weeks ago that had a lot of John Deere stuff and he was on cloud 9.

Stephanie and I made this tractor cake for his birthday. I baked it and she did most of the decorating...I think she did a great job!!

Here he's blowing out the candles. Notice big brother (and even mommy) trying to help!

I know I can do this...

Fingers are very helpful...


Trying to get a family pose...

Opening one of his tractor gifts...he was busy playing the rest of the evening!

Happy birthday sweet tractor boy!!!

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Spring beauty

Alrighty, I'm back from a little blogging break. I've been feeling pretty good and just enjoying spring. AND the little grandsons. AND I took a weekend trip to Cincinnati with my daughter....which involved eating quite a bit of Graeter's ice cream! A whole pint of Elena's blueberry pie at once....I mean there was a Graeter's was right next to our hotel, I couldn't help it... Does anybody else out there have a thing for Graeter's??? I love working outside, except I get more wheezy in the spring and so sometimes I wear a mask, which isn't too much fun...not sure if it helps a whole lot anyways...Today was a great day, no wheezing at all! Here are a few pictures of the flowering spring things around our house. I'll post more flower pictures periodically. Flowering things make me quite happy!


I had fun making this little fairy garden! It's about 3 feet wide and in a flower bed in front of my house.

Not sure what this perennial is called...

Verbena bushes that are very fragrant!

Crabapple tree.

Service berry bush.

Speaking of spring beauty, here is my niece Katelyn heading off to prom! She looks a little different from her basketball player image, don't you think?? It was a cold day, but pretty and sunny. She was crowned prom queen!