Saturday, July 24, 2010

Some firsts

Since this is one of the first times I've really updated my blog this month, I thought I'd blog about a few "firsts" I've done recently. OK, so here are some pictures of me milking (or attempting) to milk a goat for the first time. Why, you ask??? Well, I bought some goat's milk soap earlier in the summer and I LOVE it. I'm the type of person that when I like something, I tend to think I can make it. So I decided the first thing to do would be to milk some goats. I looked it up on you tube and it looked ever so easy. However, ummm, it wasn't! Thank you Inga, for letting me try this, it was kinda fun and now I can say I did it! We didn't get too much, only 3/4 cup. It has been in the freezer. I've since been researching soapmaking on the internet and I got a couple of books at the library. Also talked to a friend of Jeremy's who is a soapmaker. I'm collecting the equipment and supplies needed and hopefully can try it soon. You'll hear about it when I do! I learned some new words like saponification and trace...

Those back legs were just in the way and tended to kick!
What an experience! I will probably make my first batch of soap with water because the goat's milk makes it a little more tricky. But it is waiting for me in the freezer!


I had my first couponing 101 experience, compliments of Stephanie! She, Tiffany, Mary Beth, Lindsay, Katelyn and I went to Columbus last weekend. We watched Kate play a college league game and the rest of the time we relaxed or shopped. Steph gave Mary Beth and I our first lesson in couponing the way she does. She gets things so cheap, lot of it is free. We went to a CVS, signed up, then she showed us how to use ECB's and how to do transactions. I'm still processing and I'm feeling like I had no clue what I did. But I got shampoo and a shaver really cheap in 2 transactions. Steph will probably have to go along to help me for awhile!!


I helped my friend Gail with her son's wedding reception! They had gotten married on the beach in Siesta Key, FLA and had their reception here about a month later. We decided on a beach theme. First time I ever helped with a wedding beach theme. You can see beach towels on the chairs at the family table. The tables were decorated with candle tins, shells, and colored glass pebbles. It turned out cute! We played some music by the Beach Boys in the backgound.

I made 150 cupcakes and my Ya Ya friends helped me fill them and frost swirls on them. At the last minute we popped them into these cute parchment papers which were already folded. We bought them at Walnut Creek cheese in sleeves of 50. I loved them!!!

We had a candy bar where people could come to the table and fill a box with their choice of candy to take home.

Can you believe I made my first wedding's good it was small! The most difficult part was getting the layers even. I just put some real flowers on it, didn't look bad!
Have a happy life Scott and Brittany!

I took Kayden to see his very first fireworks! Perrin doesn't like loud noises, so they stayed home with him. Hopefully next year he can cope! It was loud for Kayden, but it didn't take long until he was just delighted!


This week was also the first time that I took Kayden to see a movie in a theater. Steph and Jeremy had taken him, but it was the first time I did. We went to see The Bee Movie. And the best part was that it was FREE...for both of us!! I enjoyed having a date with him, he's so entertaining to chat with! And the movie was very good! I have a new appreciation for bees!

And last but not least...

...we celebrated our 34th anniversary the end of June. I guess that's a first for us too!