Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Hot and a hot bargain!

It's been soooooooo hot and humid lately!! It's hard to BREATHE!! I've been feeling really draggy lately, maybe the weather is part of it. My chest wasn't feeling too good the first week of August, so I was put on a pretty good dose of Cipro for 3 weeks. It has helped, but I've been so tired and starting today, they added a burst of prednisone. I hope that kicks in and perks me up a little. Plus I've been trying to do an extra treatment time, which makes 3 a day. My daughter will be starting back to teaching next week, so we had planned a weekend away, I need to have a little energy! We are going to visit Gettysburg, leaving tomorrow at noon. My sister and one of her daughters are also going, so should be fun.

This next picture is from a couponing adventure I had at CVS last week. I was so nervous because Stephanie (DIL coupon queen) wasn't along to help me. My first transaction I was supposed to use my previous 4.99 extra bucks, but I forgot (nervous, remember). The 3 things I bought were supposed to only cost like 99c but instead it was $6 something. Then I realized! So, I tried not to panic. Well, I can use them for the next transaction, right??? Next I ruffled through my coupons to make sure I had everything for the next, somehow a couple were lost. More sweating. OK. I told the clerk I'm new at this and pretty much don't know what I'm doing and she was very kind and helpful. And when I walked out the door, my sweating had stopped, my brain felt tired, but I was so PROUD of my bag of savings!!! My sister was with me trying to get deals too and it seemed like we were in there for HOURS!! I'm slowly figuring at least the CVS stuff out, but I know I'll never be a coupon queen, that's for sure.
So here was my best transaction that day, I did 3.

I got Bounty paper towels
Charmin toilet paper
1 Crest
1 Colgate (hubby took)
2 Dawn
1 Downy
1 pack of Duracell batteries, (which hubby grabbed right away)
Total was $8.93
plus 5 extra bucks for the next time
After 2 days of me admiring it on our table, hubby made me put it all away...

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Steph said...

You left your items out to admire your savings? lol. You are not alone. :)