Monday, October 11, 2010


I was going to post last night, but my computer was down. Yesterday was 10-10-10, kind of cool... but extra cool because it was my birthday! Yup, I made it through another year! Each year is a gift and I feel very blessed to even be here and be as healthy as I am! It was an Indian summer kind of weekend and my hubby took me on a getaway weekend to Columbus. The drive was beautiful with all the leaves changing color and it was so beautifully warm. We hotwired a really nice hotel for $52. We ate at The Cheesecake Factory at Polaris and we went to Penzeys, my very favorite spice place. I bought the mini baking set on sale and stocked up on a few other spices I love. We saw the movie This is My Life, which is definately not my hubby's kind of movie (chick flick), but he pretended to like it. We got home in time to go to my dad's place for supper, our family usually does a carry in on Sun. evenings. I didn't have to bring anything tonight, which was a nice break...I felt pampered! Ham loaf, cheesy potatoes, broccoli rice, green beans and birthday cake. On a side note...I ALMOST got to have my favorite Mud Valley ice cream cake. My dad was designated to get that, and I'll leave you guessing as to what happened, since we said we wouldn't tell anyone!!!


Colleen said...

Happy Birthday! Such a blessing to celebrate!

Aspiemom said...

It sounded like a really nice birthday weekend, Marcia!

Judy said...

Happy Birthday Marcia! Thanks for sharing your 10-10-10 with sounds like a fun get-away with hubby. Coming home to a delicious-sounding birthday meal certainly must have been a pleasure as well!
Have a great year!

The Starr Family said...

Happy Birthday Marcia... what a fantastic weekend and well deserved! I laugh just thinking about your dad... what a sweet guy nonetheless!

Keetha Denise Broyles said...

WHAT???? That's all we get??? "you won't tell, we have to guess!???"

Not fair.

Inquiring minds want to know - - -

Hope your birthday was happy!

ellen b. said...

Hi Marcia! I couldn't help but notice the name of your blog when you left a comment on the Mennonite Girls Can Cook post yesterday. I'm one of the "Mennonite Girls" and wanted to thank you for stopping by. I also want to wish you a Happy Birthday. My sister in law Nina was diagnosed with Cystic Fibrosis when she was 5 years old. My brother fell in love with her and married her and we had many fabulous years loving her on earth, too. Blessings on you and may God grant you many more birthdays!

Blessedmom's Simple Home said...

Sorry I missed your birthday post. It sounds like you had a wonderful day! Happy Belated Birthday to you :-)