Monday, November 15, 2010

Look what I won!

We got back home from our girl week in Florida late Saturday night. While we were there I could pick up internet access, although my laptop isn't behaving just shuts off when it feels like it. Anyways, on Friday, it was cooperating and I was checking out some blogs that I follow. I saw on The Coupon Goddess blog that there was a Yoplait Winner and it was Marcia M. from OH!! I couldn't believe it. I have entered different contests from time to time, but of course I never win. I couldn't remember what the Yoplait smoothie contest was even for, I thought probably some coupons for free smoothies? I went back and looked at the contest page which was posted on Nov 4. So here's what I won....

Some coupons for these Yoplait frozen smoothies and a Kitchen Aid blender!! I should get it sometime this made my day! Thank you Coupon Goddess!!


Written Permission said...

YAY!! That's so exciting! I never win anything, either. :) So, next time I visit, you're making me a smoothie, right?

(Please, please tell me you're going to write about -- and post pictures of -- the girls' week? I'm dying for stories. :))

Blessedmom's Simple Home said...

Congratulations Marcia. It's a good thing I don't live in Ohio, or I'd be claiming your prize for last name starts with M too :-)