Friday, December 10, 2010

T cells

On Tuesday I had double appointments again...CF appointment was first. My pft's have stayed fairly stable over the last several months at around 45-47% (FEV1) and they confirmed that I can stay off the yucky antibiotics that were making me nauseous. They did do another culture, so I'm hoping it's gonna still be negative for bugs. I usually do have aspergillus, that's a given. Then to the next visit at the immunologist. First of all, she so doesn't look like a doctor, sooo young and pretty and in a sweater and short skirt, nice legs... These doctors just all seem so YOUNG!! Anyways, she had done blood work on me two weeks ago to check IGg levels and other stuff that I didn't really pay much attention to at the time, I was just trying not to throw up! But this time I was rational and ready to listen. My IGg levels, which are the B cells and the defense in your immune system came back fairly normal, a little low in one area, but not terribly low. BUT then she showed me the T cell results, of which I had no clue what T cells are. I made her explain it about 4 times. They are like the second line of defense in the immune system and my numbers were really low in 3 areas. She said she wasn't expecting this at all, usually this is seen in an HIV patient, which I am not. So she is puzzled and is going to consult with more doctors. Once again, I'm a puzzle...story of my life!! She put me right on Bactrim DS indefinately. She mentioned some more treatments I might need to do, but for now, just the Bactrim. She sent me to the lab to do a bunch more bloodwork to check how the T cells are working together, or if they are or something like that. She also had a test run for APBA, which stands for Allergic Bronchopulmonary Aspergillosis. I've been busy looking up all this stuff about T cells, etc. But I think I'll let this cute young doctor try to figure it all out...and hopefully she will! I go back in a few weeks. And so now I'm just going to concentrate on Christmas!

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Aspiemom said...

I never heard of T cells, either. Wonder if they have ever checked mine. That's interesting.

Hope they discover what causes it, but I'm glad you're off the meds that were making you feel sicker. That's always pitiful, isn't it!???