Saturday, January 29, 2011

Another week

I had an appointment today at Akron on Thursday, and it was decided that I need to be on the IV antibiotics for another week, plus they added a third IV med to the mix. I was also sent over to the Picc team at the hospital, because I knew my Picc was starting to feel a little blocked again, the meds went in ok, but it was more resistant to flushing. So they checked it out and used Activase and it busted up a partial clot. My lung function has not really changed in all this time...pretty disappointing! Hopefully another week will do the trick! Friday afternoon, the cf clinic called wanting me to repeat another blood draw, because it showed my creatinine level was high. So I did that here in town...the level was still high, so they pulled me off the one drug, tobramycin that could be causing this. (Creatinine has to do with your kidneys). So I'm just on two again and go back on Thursday afternoon...hopefully to pull the PICC!

In the meantime, W is sick with a cough and fever, missed two days of work. So he has pretty much banished himself to the basement bed or couch in the living room. I have stayed upstairs a lot. When I do go downstairs, I wear a mask. I wiped down the kitchen counters, door knobs, refrigerator handle, etc. today. And when I'm upstairs, we've been communicating by texting each other...he just learned how, so it's good practice!


Aspiemom said...

You don't have a boring life, do you Marcia? Now what meds are you on? It's good that you're doing another week. You've had a few interruptions to your schedule so I'd wondered if you'd need to prolong things. I hope your lung function improves so that you can get it pulled next week - and hope you don't get any more clots!

Aspiemom said...

Forgot to mention I have a new blog going, to replace the other one. If you go to the regular one, you'll find a link to the new.

Keetha Broyles said...

Oh honey - - - I'm sooooo sorry to hear all this news, except of course the texting between you and the hubster - - - that was very creative and made me smile.

I am over here feeling a HIGH level of concern for you. You are facing a NASTY MONSTER and doing so with grace.

You're my hero.