Sunday, January 30, 2011

Bedroom party

One evening last week, while I was hooked up to Mr. Medicator, my sister and three cousins came over and we had a party in my bedroom. BTW, I'm getting pretty good at operating this thing!

I forgot to take a picture of my sister (sorry Mary Beth!)...see her, she's there beside me on the bed.

Look at our spread! Bagel bites, tator tots, veggies, cheese and crackers, pineapple and the most wonderful raspberry New York cheesecake...and I might add directly from New York, as Gail's hubby had just come home from there. It was to die for!

Of course, my little Mickey had to be in on the fun!

Karen and Gail...
Karen just got back from a cruise, so we heard all about that.


Not only did we eat and talk, but Karen, Brenda and Gail provided entertainment for the evening! They are taking line dancing classes, so we got some music on my Ipad and they danced...even though there wasn't a whole lot of room.

They're really pretty good!!!

It was a fun, friends and LOTS of laughing...major serious laughing.

A great way to pass my IV time!!! Thanks guys!

After all, friends ARE the best medicine!


Written Permission said...

I still cannot get over the idea of my mother line dancing. :) (They do look pretty cute doing it, though.)

So glad you all had fun at your bedroom party! Next time, invite the kids! :)

Keetha Broyles said...

You had me at "tater tots"

Judy said...

Oh Marcia! I'm so happy you have family and friends nearby to join you at your bedroom party, make you laugh and make your IV time pass by more quickly. Awesome!!

I'd love to visit too if I was just a bit closer!

Hope Mr. Medicator is doing his job well so that he will be able to leave you soon! Take care and keep smiling!!

The Starr Family said...

How fun! You gals are a hoot... much like a few sisters & a brother that I know :)