Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Another day in the Hospital

Hey everyone! It is JoEllen again. I was privileged to be in Marcia's presence tonight! I figured it was time to go visit my friend and I am so glad I did. I sure do miss her just like you miss her. During our visit she said several times, "I do not want to go home until I feel better". We all feel the same way too, Marcia. We miss you but we just want you better!

Today was a little rough. Marcia's PFT's didn't go well. She wasn't feeling well to begin with, so when it was time for the breathing exercises she just couldn't handle it. She was light headed and nauseous. So, they will try it again in a couple of days. Pray that she will feel better when that day rolls around. Today she found out the results from the cat scan: an accute sinus infection. Goodness! AND to top it all off, throwing up several times from the nausea. So yes, it was kind of a rough day.

It may have been rough, but she was definitely in good company for most of the day. Her daughter came to be with her for a chunk of the day AND she also had a surprise visit from her son and her two handsome grandsons. She was very happy about all of that. She definitely loves her family.

Marcia wanted me to share with you that she has been able to have a little bit of fun...the other day she enjoyed a 30 minute massage! The young guy (with a pony tail!) was very nice and worked with lung pressure points. He also used lemon grass oils, which is good for the lungs. She enjoyed it so much and looks forward to his return! :)

Another fun thing....with the help of a nurse, Marcia discovered a TOY ROOM! This special room was full of brand new toys...shelves and shelves. People donate toys for the kids (patients) at the hospital. The nurse encouraged Marcia to pick out a few things for her grandkids. She found matchbox cars and a doctor kit. The boys had a blast with the kit. Her oldest was "checking out" his Grandma with all the fun doctor gadgets. I also hear that he gave a dog a pretend shot!

Prayer request: IMPROVED lung function...IMPROVED kidney function...headaches to go away... and that tomorrow will be a much better day!

Keep the comments rolling in...SHE LOVES TO HEAR FROM YOU!

Medical Kit and Cars

Beautiful flowers sent from loved ones

Candy Stash!


Marlea Hershberger said...

hi marcia! i've been thinking of about you and i've enjoyed reading your blog. thanks for sharing your experiences! hope you have a good wednesday- we are praying for you!

Anonymous said...

Hi Marcia,your blog has always been interesting!! I loved your recipes and remember your Mom was an outstanding cook just like you are!!! We're praying for you to get better and for the doctors to figure it all out for you!!! Bless you abundantly!! Sharon Y

Aspiemom said...

Hi Marcia. How can you have a sinus infection when you're on abx???? You're stumping me, girl!

Glad you had some visitors today and also had a nice massage. Oh, I bet that felt wonderful.

I'll pray your lungs heal, your sinuses heal, and your headache and nausea goes away.

Anonymous said...

I have been praying for you. You do not know me, but I know a few of your friends. I am curious to what CF is and how you found out you had it? Were you diagnosed at a young age? I know you may not have time to answer this, but maybe someone will see this comment and inform me a little more. No matter, what I am praying for you. Sounds like you are pretty sick right now. So sorry to hear that.