Tuesday, March 29, 2011

A few pics

Worked and worked on trying to get some pictures on here and couldn't DO it. I was frustrated and then thought of my good buddy JoEllen, who of course came to the rescue! I emailed her the pictures and she put them on...see how we work as a team? So here are just a few pictures, it's always nice to see pictures instead of boring writing.

This is when we were at the mall on Sunday...my afternoon out! And yes, I know I looked tired...I was! We had gotten smoothies and had just seen the most awesome trampoline on display with sides on It and a basketball hoop. It's all Kaydens been talking about ever since, I'm told. We left soon after to get this tired mama back to bed!

The boys think my bed is ever so cool...whenever they come, we go on rides...up and down, head up, head down, unlock the brakes. I just hope the bed holds up!

We were in a toy room and Kayden was drawing a picture of me...

...as Perrin and I watched.

Mickey's visit was so much fun! He did a little dance and wanted to lick and lick!

Kayden being my doctor...he'd take my temperature and then give me multiple shots.

The boys have loved playing with the Thomas the train set I got for them at the volunteer place.

The Ya-Ya's came one morning last week, and the room got a little bit wild during their visit...so much laughing!
Yesterday I did have to do PFTs again...I was hoping to get them up atleast a point...instead they dropped 4 points. I even tried 5 times instead of 3 over a period of half an hour, but couldn't get it above 33% and .79 Liters. I was so bummed, I was so sure I would get higher, not lower! I'm not sure what the plan is going to be next. I do feel better, that's why I don't understand this. I'll just maybe go by how I feel and not be dictated by a number...?


4becks said...

Hi Marcia! Running errands this afternoon after Scott's Dr. appt. Started snowing again! I think Spring is waiting on you to come home again. I don't mind the snow, but some people are getting cranky!
Hugs and prayers!

Tracy Anne said...

Hi Marcia! I love all the pics Miss JoEllen posted for you! I am so sorry that you've been stuck in the hospital for so long! Will continue to pray for your numbers to get to where they're supposed to be so you can get home soon!

Anonymous said...

Miss u being home soooooo much! Just say the word and I will come bust you out. Hope you had fun with the boys today, the couldn't wait anymore to see Grandma!

love you


Anonymous said...

Hi Marcia! love all the pics especially the ones where your grandson was taking your temp and giving you shots! continuing to offer prayers up for you. hoping you get to come home soon!

Judy and Stan

Stacey said...

So glad you got out a bit! It looks like you have lots of fun in the hospital...except for the being in the hospital part, of course. Sorry about the lower PFT's :-( I know how frustrating that can be...

Hummel Kiddos said...

YAY for Marcia! Her PFTs went up and she went home today!!!