Monday, March 14, 2011

Headachy day

Today was a headachy sort of day...actually the weekend was too. It was bad this morning and i was very nauseous until i got zofran through my picc. It feels like a really bad sinus headache, but they're not sure if it's just sinus or a combination of sinus and side effect of the gamma globulin. My doctor has been trying hard to get this under control...I reacted to one med, my neck got all flushed and red (I was a redneck) I also had a sinus CT scan this afternoon. I've been doing nasal rinses twice a day (have done this for years) and tonight they are adding an antibiotic to the rinse. My picc had a small clot in it and even though it flushed ok and the ivs ran ok, they couldnt draw blood. The picc nurse came and put in the clot busting med and an hour later, it worked. No more getting poked in the other arm for bloodwork! I went to PT and did stretching and bending exercises and then did the treadmill for 5 was set low, but I have to say, i was impressed with myself! I am now officially off of prednisone, PTL! Maybe I'll be able to sleep better at night, plus they are changing up my sleep meds a bit. I've been wheezy in my upper lobes, so 2 more xoepenex (nebulized) treatments a day, in addition to the other 3 times while doing my vest. My voice is improving, I'm able to speak again!

A few interruptions and treatments later. Got nauseous again, threw up and got zofran again.
My picc line is once again not allowing blood draws...geesh, what's up with me and picc lines?

Please pray for headaches and nausea to stop!
I have PFTs tomorrow...pray for lung function to be up!

And hi to my peeps in some Sweet Berries for me!


Keetha Broyles said...

Dear Heavenly Father,

Please be with Marcia, sit beside her hospital bed, hold her hand and let her know You are there.

Please give her peace and rest tonight.

Please strengthen and restore her lungs and kidneys.

She is our sister and we love her.

Thank you for hearing and answering when we call.


Karlene said...

Hi Marcia, Continuing to lift you up in prayers. We have some remodeling going on here so it kind of reminds me of hospital life - noisy and many interuptions! Probably a lot dirtier here though :) Yuk! Thinking of you and praying meds will help you in all areas.

Aspiemom said...

Mercy, Marcia! We have one problem, take some meds and have MORE problems! I'm so sorry for the headaches and nausea. I hope they go away overnight!

Have you tried NEBULIZING the abx into your sinuses? That would be better than rinsing. They could order you a sinus nebulizer for that - it really makes a difference.

Good job on the treadmill! I'm impressed!