Friday, March 18, 2011

Hospital happenings

Im still here and have had some not so fun last few days. They took me off the merepenem iv, because they thought that was what was causing the nausea...I'm getting ceftazadine instead. I also began having the respiratory therapists come here to my room to do therapy instead of using my vest those few days when I could hardly get out of bed. They use a percussor thing that vibrates like a vest, but it's different and I like it as a break from the vest, so I'm going to keep doing it while I'm here. I do 8-9 nebulized treatments a day and 3 percussion treatments. I havent been able to eat much the last few days, so the nutritionist started making me some high calorie milkshakes and Ive had a couple of meal replacement bars. I feel like tomorrow i can eat again, my stomach is settled down now. The hospital offers massages where the massage therapist comes and works on my sinuses and lung pressure points. I had a lady the last two days, and today Mr. ponytail came back to do one. The massages are wonderful! I had disappointing pfts today...will try them again on Tuesday. Today was a nice sunny warmish day...Tiffany came and we went for a little walk outside. There is a pretty path with benches...crocuses were coming was nice to breathe some fresh air and sit in some sunshine! We saw some bushes shaped liked monkeys, they were a little weird. My wonderful hubby came tonight and we listened to the Hiland game on the iPad.

Why am I in a childrens hospital, you ask? There are only a few accredited CF centers in Ohio and Akron is the closest to where we live, so I go to that center, which is connected to Akron Childrens Hospital. There is an adult wing at the hospital and I'm in that wing. I've been in plenty of hospitals in my life and if I have to be in a hospital, I'm glad I'm here! Everyone has been fantastic so far! And now I'm finished for the day and it's time to sleep so I can start all over in the morning!


blessedmom's simple home said...

So sorry you've been going through this Marcia. You're in my prayers. I hope you're feeling better and get to go home soon :-)

joellen said...

Hope today is going much better! Keep those massage appointments! :)

Judy said...

I'm glad you got to take a little walk, breath in the spring air and see some fresh little flowers poking their heads through.

Hopefully your days will become much better also!

Still thinking of you and praying..