Monday, March 21, 2011

A little update

The last couple of days have gone a little better. Im still getting iv fluids around the clock, but I could be set free to go for walks, so it was nice to do that over the weekend. My legs felt really rubbery at first! Today Michael & Lindsay (niece) brought me Macaroni Grill food and then we went for a walk was such a nice day and SOOO good to be in fresh air! I went for a walk this evening's just harder to walk around the hospital because I have to wear a mask, making it more difficult to breathe. When I'm outside, I don't need much better! Awhile ago, I had a dog was an enormous goldendoodle named made me miss my tiny Mickey and Meg.

A nice bit of good news is that my creatinine level has come down a little, which means my kidneys are now functioning more like 50% instead of 40. My doctors were happy...they didn't think it would get any better while I was on Ivs, they werent sure it would EVER get any better. So this is huge!

The awful sinus headaches and nausea are gone (PTL! ) and I'm eating again.

My pfts were really down on Friday...I've tried not to stress over it. I will do it again tomorrow if you want something to specifically pray about, that would be it! Even if it would go up a couple of points. My numbers have gone down pretty much every time I've done pfts since the beginning of Jan. I'm way overdue for some better numbers!

I have been taking some pictures, but don't have a camera cord for my iPad. Kayden and Perrin were here a couple of times this weekend and enjoyed the doctor kit...Kayden kept taking my temp and giving me shots. And they jumped up and down when I gave them the Thomas the train fold out's so cute. They had great fun with it!

Conversation by Steph and Kayden on the way here Sunday..
Kayden-"we're going to see grandma, maybe she will have a surprise for us"
Steph-"she doesn't have a surprise for you every time"
Kayden-"oh, but grandma is full of surprises!"

I would LOVE to be surprised with some better pfts tomorrow!


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As am I!


Keetha Broyles said...

Oh goodness, Marcia! Somehow I missed a couple of updates.

It isn't because I haven't been thinking of you - - - I imagine it is because I let myself get busy this weekend and neglected my normal blogging.

Your Buckeyes are just STOMPING all their opponents in the Big Dance - - - THAT ought to cheer you up at least.

I just wish you could be strong and well and go home. I KNOW you wish that too.

I'll keep praying for you - - -

Anonymous said...

Praying that God will HEAL your body!

The Starr Family said...

Marcia... so thankful for the healing!! Pray God it will continue! :)