Thursday, March 24, 2011

Still here...

Ive been here for 15 days. I'm actually surprised that for the most part, it's gone fairly fast. Yesterday was a pretty good day...Steph and my littles came and surprised me...and my sister brought my little Mickey for a visit. He danced all around on my bed, licked and licked and snuggled up. We went outside for a was a little chilly, but not too bad. I walked Mickey while the boys had fun on the play set. And it's nice to be outside because I don't have to wear a mask. I do when I'm anywhere outside my room. I really wish I could post pictures...I told Warren to get me the adapter thing that I need.

My creatinine level started to creep up a bit again, so I'm back on fluids. Shoot. But whatever it takes to help my kidneys, right? Today at PT, i did stairs, a lot of walking all over the hospital and rode the bike for 10 minutes. I was impressed with myself! I'm feeling stronger. I'm doing PFTs again tomorrow and they need to keep going UP again...even if just a point. The way it sounds is that I'll be here awhile yet...they want to get my PFTs up as high as possible. And I'm OK with that, because I want to feel as good as i can before going home. They are giving me a pass to get out of here for awhile on Sunday. I thought about going home, but not sure it's worth it with the drive. Maybe we'll just go out to a nice restaurant...have a little date. I'm ready to get away for a little, so I'm excited!

And now I'm going to chill and listen to our Hiland boys game in the state semi-finals. I feel like I'm probably one of the few people from our little town that isn't there! Good luck guys!


Judy said...

I'm so happy you're sounding more like the Marcia we all know! I hope and pray things continue to get better for you. Getting to see your littles and Mickey in one day must have been a boost! I hope you have lots of fun on your date this weekend. Keep looking up!

Aspiemom said...

I'm so glad that you are starting to feel a little better. Sorry that the creatin levels are up, but glad you are getting the help that you need. Happy to hear you've had some fun visitors and are getting outside some!

Anonymous said...

So glad to hear you are moving forward even if it is in baby steps! Sounds like today was just what you needed. Praying your numbers will be up tomorrow as well - not the kidney ones, but the lung ones!

Praying for you every day

Keetha Broyles said...

You sound so upbeat!!! I am sooooo pleased.

I KNOW you will enjoy "escaping" for a while tomorrow. I think the quiet time in the restaurant sounds just fabulous!

Still thinking of you!!!

Hummel Family said...

I am one curious gal, how did the PFTs go yesterday!? Praying they went up and keep going up! We want you back home to Amish Country!