Thursday, April 7, 2011

I think he missed me!

My sister-in-law took Mickey to be groomed this week. I usually do it myself, but decided I'm not up for it yet and he really needed it. He's cut shorter than I do it, which is OK, I won't have to trim for awhile. But he looks so teeny tiny now, seems like a different little dog!

Such skinny little legs!

I think he's happy I'm home...he's been sort of like a magnet since I've been back.

On the other hand, K told me he thinks I should go back to the hospital (I think he liked those surprises!)

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Friends and Jewelry

Tuesday evening Stephanie, Laura and JoEllen stopped over. Laura brought some homemade oreos (very yummy!) and JoEllen brought a freezer meal. We had a nice time chatting, then started talking about Steph's new jewelry business. We talked her into quick going home to get it and we had lots of fun looking at it and trying stuff on! So here we are modeling jewelry! I missed her first party because I was in the hospital, so it was the first time for me to see it too. I don't wear much ears are pierced and I never wear earrings, it was fun to try them on! Steph showed us different ways to wear some of the pieces, one even as a belt! It looked very cool on her, not so much on me!

And yes, Laura is due in two weeks!

Checking it all out...really nice stuff!

Showcasing a watch and bracelet...her tummy made a nice shelf...Warren was watching the boys, but they wanted to be included here.

I am starting to look a little tired here, (doesn't that necklace look great on JoEllen!) but it was such a fun time and so nice to have a "normal" fun evening for once!!

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Quiet and enjoying

Yes, I've been ignoring my blog...just kind of quietly enjoying being back at home the past few days!! Tiffany came home Fri. (Spring break) and for the weekend and she took my snowmen down...I was ready for that. Jeremy's were over a couple of times too. We even had friends come all the way from VA! Diane was my best friend from third grade through college and we've tried to keep up with email and visits over the years. They have lots of family here. They stopped in Saturday and also Sunday before they left to go back. We all enjoyed catching up in person...thanks so much for coming guys!!

I just threw in this picture of our little Meggie because she is cute!

And some more hospital pictures...these were some of the many crocuses along the pretty path outside of the hospital. A couple of days later, they were covered with 3 inches of snow! It was warm enough to go outside 3 days out of the over 3 weeks of hospital time.

This was one of the dogs from the doggie brigade, that just happened to be there one time when Steph and the boys were there. I was afraid they'd be scared at how big he was...they were OK, just a bit wary. They're just used to my little dogs. These dogs were so clean and well trained!

This is the "monkey" bush picture I was talking about in an earlier blog. Seriously. I wasn't sure how I felt about it! There was another one with a monkey hanging onto it's belly. I wanted to take a picture of the boys with it, but they wouldn't do it, said they're too scary! I don't know, are these monkeys or not?

The boys having fun on the playground right outside the hospital.

I am trying to follow the hospital routine, as far as the nebulizers and the vest (I do miss that percussor though!) I am getting rest, doing the exercises, stretching and breathing techniques they had me do. I am not as short of breath as I was, which is wonderful!! I can do stairs again as long as I go slow. Actually that's pretty good exercise. Today was a pretty good day, my chest didn't ache at's probably the best I've felt in over 3 months! I have had some great meals brought in by family and friends. Gail and Brenda came yesterday and helped me put up Spring decorations...looks so nice! I'm really ready for warm weather, I saw a few snowflakes outside today. I have a nephrology (kidney) appointment on Monday. The following Monday I have two appointments that I was referred to by my doctors. One is a pulmonologist and the other an immunologist. They want to see if they have any other ideas of what to do with me! So 3 new doctors, although I have seen the pulmonologist a few times and he did a bronch on me. Even though I am feeling better, I feel very fragile right now. I am hoping I don't get sick again before the Cleveland appointments. For now, just continuing to enjoy being home...