Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Friends and Jewelry

Tuesday evening Stephanie, Laura and JoEllen stopped over. Laura brought some homemade oreos (very yummy!) and JoEllen brought a freezer meal. We had a nice time chatting, then started talking about Steph's new jewelry business. We talked her into quick going home to get it and we had lots of fun looking at it and trying stuff on! So here we are modeling jewelry! I missed her first party because I was in the hospital, so it was the first time for me to see it too. I don't wear much ears are pierced and I never wear earrings, it was fun to try them on! Steph showed us different ways to wear some of the pieces, one even as a belt! It looked very cool on her, not so much on me!

And yes, Laura is due in two weeks!

Checking it all out...really nice stuff!

Showcasing a watch and bracelet...her tummy made a nice shelf...Warren was watching the boys, but they wanted to be included here.

I am starting to look a little tired here, (doesn't that necklace look great on JoEllen!) but it was such a fun time and so nice to have a "normal" fun evening for once!!


Keetha Broyles said...

I've never seen JoEllen look anything BUT great - - - even when she was a little girl in my class at camp.

Hi JoEllen - - - so nice to SEE you.

Marcia, I'm so glad you are home and able to enjoy your friends and your "life" once again.

Be careful not to pick up any "germans" - - - your system just can't fight them. (That was advice from momma Keetha)

Hummel Family said...

What a fun night! I was really only going to stay 30-45 minutes! Never dreamed we'd be there for 2 1/2 hours. Hope we didn't poop you out too much.


And I agree, stay away from the germs! Too bad we can not see them! I would love to visit you more but just never know when I have 3 kiddos who come down with colds.

Hope your breathing treatments are going alright for you at home. I forget, can you read or browse your cool iPad while you are doing the treatments? If so, thats a nice way to kill the time. :)

Have a nice day...its sunny....yay!