Sunday, June 26, 2011

Blog? What blog???

Oh yeah, that's right, I DO have a blog. Someone asked why I'm not posting any more. Ummm..I have just been happily living my life...and feeling quite good. I just haven't taken the time to write. I had an my annual 5 hour clinic visit two weeks ago (yes, it was 5 hours) and I got 48% FEV1 and felt good, although my dr. wondered how I got that high of a number with my wheezy sounding lungs. I had told someone not long ago, that I'm scared to say it, but I'm feeling really great! It's scary to say that because the next day it can hit you. Well guess what, it did hit me a few days after clinic....I started with a fever, then the lungs started the familiar achy yucky feeling and I became more short of breath. I was put on 3 oral antibiotics (levaquin, bactrim and doxycycline) plus the azithromycin I take daily...a nice little cocktail of drugs. Plus phenergan to keep from being nauseous. A week later, I'm feeling a little better...but not tremendously better. I have been in close touch with my clinic NP and she said if I'm not better in the next couple of days, I'll probably need to do home IVs. I'm sooooo not ready to do this again! Grrr!! But then I have to remind myself that I had 2 pretty good months and I enjoyed every minute of it!

Here are a few of the things we have been doing the last two months...I've had trouble downloading pictures for some reason, so no pictures. And I know that's more boring...but at least I'm writing something!


Celebrated Perrin's 3rd birthday on May 10! I can't believe how they're growing up!

Warren and I took Kayden and Perrin to ride the train at Lodi because Perrin was totally potty trained...and we needed to celebrate this event!!

Downsized our gardening area. Tore down the fence in front of our house and burned it (the boys loved the burn pile part)! Now that I'm over it, I am glad we did it. I gave away a lot of perennials and also transplanted some, thanks to the help of Ralph and Brenda!

Took Kayden to Bible school at our church. Perrin wasn't old enough yet...he and I just watched the singing and drama part then left.

I had a Cleveland clinic visit again about immune turns out that I'm in the lower normal, but WAIT...I'm actually still in the NORMAL range for something? B cells and T cells. I couldn't even believe it! So he thinks it got thrown out of whack because of so much prednisone. Which means, thankfully, that I don't need to do the gamma globulin (hizentra) treatments. Yipee!!

A lot of basement drama...our basement had some major water damage and our son's basement had backup sewer damage. We are both still having work being done on that. It involved some re-drywalling and painting in ours and same in some new flooring. Hopefully both our basements will be done in a few weeks.

I made a couple of strawberry pies and froze a bunch for future smoothies for me and the little guys. I also tried a new strawberry pretzel dessert recipe. Yum!

Tried to somewhat help dad clean out his house, since he had moved.

Made a mandatory rule for myself...every afternoon I take an hour to rest...don't usually sleep...just rest. Probably a good rule for anyone!

I didn't do anything really earth shattering, but just being able to feel good and do the little mundane things in life makes me happy! I hope and pray that I snap out of this latest setback quickly so I can get on with those little things....

P.S. Today was our 35th wedding anniversary! I had found the tape of our wedding at my dad's house when we were clearing things out and we watched it tonight...We had only seen it once and I thought we had lost it, so it was lots of fun to watch! We looked so young and happy! And thankfully, now we're old (and still pretty happy) ;>)


Keetha Broyles said...

So glad to hear you felt so well for several months. About needing the IVs - I guess you'll just have to remind yourself that having them sure beats the alternative.

Judy said...

It was great to hear from you again and I'm delighted to learn that you had a frame of time where you felt quite well! Praying your current setback is very short-lived!

I'll always remember your pretty wedding and the frustration I caused my hubby because I was sure I could direct him right to your house....NOT! At least we made it!

Take care and feel better Marcia!


Somer Love said...

I hope you had a fun anniversary celebration!!!!

I also hope you are feeling better and by passed home Iv's