Thursday, September 15, 2011

Elena's ice cream

I'm not generally that much of an ice cream person, except when I'm in Florida at Sweet Berries. I never just buy ice cream at the grocery store. However, there is Graeters Elena's Blueberry Pie ice cream that is just over the top in my opinion!

It's made in Cincinnati and the flavor was created in memory of a little girl, Elena Desserich, who died from a DIPG brain tumor in 2009, when she was in Kindergarten. I had followed her father's blog at the time and it was just a very inspiring story! There is a book out about her now called Notes Left Behind. Her parents started The Cure Starts Now Foundation to help cure pediatric cancer and a portion of the proceeds from Elena's blueberry ice cream go to cancer research.

While Graeters has lots of good flavors (including raspberry chocolate), this one is my favorite. I love blueberries and this has pieces of crunchy crust mixed in almost every bite. I just discovered that this is at a local store, Rodhes, which may or may not be a good thing. They've had other flavors already, but not Elena's. And I figured that right now, it can be my comfort food of choice. It's a sickness really... It's very expensive...but I'm helping with cancer research, right? I could so sit down and eat the whole thing, no problem, but I'm trying to make it last for three days. Can I do it? Try it, you'll like it! Elena was a beautiful little girl that I didn't even know, but I think of her family a lot.

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