Monday, October 31, 2011

Fall, the boys and pie

Two beautiful pictures of fall at our house. Our fall has been quite rainy, so when we get a sunny day, we're excited!

These little guys have picked up the ipad moves so quickly, playing some games and reading books, touching and swishing finger across the page. It cracks me up to watch them do this!

We were visited by two little trick or treaters yesterday...Spiderman and a Transformer.

They had fun doing a little trick or treating with some little wizard of oz friends.

I entered a pie contest that is this week and now I'm wondering what I was thinking?! But I guess it'll be fun. I decided on lemon meringue. I just hope it turns out at least semi-good and doesn't fall apart that day!! This was one of my two practice pies I made and we ate!

My port is good...there is a nice little healed up bump there. Next Tuesday I have a clinic appointment and I'll get it flushed for the first time.My nurse friend Gail is going to go along to learn how to do it, it has to be flushed once a month so I don't get clots. I might even try to learn to do it myself, but that doesn't sound too fun right now.

Happy last day of October!

Friday, October 21, 2011

My birthday present/port

Yeah, that's a lovely view of my neck. Last week on Mon, Oct 10, I went up to Akron General to get a port put in my chest. My doctors had recommended doing this, since I've had to have so many picc lines put in in the last several months. Goodbye picc lines! So now when I need IVs, I will have to just hook up to the port and not have to go through the picc procedure. And yes, the port placement had been scheduled on my birthday. Happy Birthday to me! But I knew that Warren had that day off anyways for Columbus Day and I wanted to do it at a time when I'm feeling pretty well...which I have been, so yeah, we decided to go for it! The CF clinic had said I'd probably be put under general anesthetic for it, which I really didn't want. My little lungs don't do so well with that. I was going to talk them into doing the wonderfully helpful "twilight" sleep. The first nurse who was signing me in said no, she thinks it will be put in with only lidocane, a local anesthetic. I wasn't really excited about just a local either. C'mon, a little sedation please! But the lady who did the surgery did say absolutely yes to the twilight/conscious sedation...thank goodness! It didn't put me to sleep, but I was definately relaxed...and she explained what she was doing through the whole thing. It took about 45 min. to an hour for everything. The thing I hadn't expected was two incisions, a small one in my jugular vein and of course the chest incision to implant the port. More info about a portacath here if you're interested. I was there maybe an hour afterwards, then we could leave. We stopped on the way home to get take out, I was hungry by then! I was pretty sore for a few days, it wasn't terrible tho. I went back this week to get the stitches taken out...they were called "mattress stitches". So now I have my port in and it's healing, hello port! I hope we'll be good together. I just really really hope I don't have to use you for awhile! BTW, I am officially old, which I look at as it being a good thing!! Most people groan as they get, I'm celebrating every year! We did go out to eat at Red Lobster to celebrate a few days before my surgery. Endless shrimp and biscuits, how I love you. You don't even want to know how many I ate, you really don't. But just know, I am capable.