Wednesday, December 19, 2012

How to decorate a cookie

First you spread a little icing on cooky, then quickly lick the (not sharp) knife.

Oh yeah, that's tasty, that frosting!

Oh, did I miss some??

Maybe I'd better get some sprinkles on it. Maybe I'll PILE sprinkles on it, the more, the better!

Sprinkling sparkly sprinkles...

Making sure to lick fingers between sprinkles.

Oh, red sugar...must be licked!

Each finger is important.


The finished products!

Now we must eat to add more sugar to our bodies!

Seal of approval by a 6 year old!
And there you have it! 
A tutorial....Over and out.

Friday, December 7, 2012

Feelin Festive

I started decorating during the week after Thanksgiving, but I made a few new things, so it took me awhile to get things set up. I'm still working on a centerpiece for my dining room table, not entirely sure what it's going to be yet...I took these pictures last evening, so I had my candles burning. I am one person who doesn't care that it gets dark earlier now. I love burning candles, getting into pajamas early, not having to work outside, just a cozy feeling. And I'm waiting for some snow! I know lots of people complain about snow, but I pretty much love it! And if you live in OH, it's probably gonna happen. I love having seasons. Today was cold and rainy. I kept thinking, if only this would be snow...

Obviously the front of our home, complete with shadows.

I got some very good ideas/inspiration when I went on the tour of homes a few weeks ago and I copied some things! Is this not a cool idea...seriously? This is the top of our piano, so the decorations are music oriented. One of the homes had these stars and "music" candles and I loved...went right home and started working on them!

I had two candle jars, wrapped them with old Christmas sheet music and tied with twine.

For this, I googled a star pattern, made folds to the center (had to play around a bit till I got it right!) but I love them! Easy and fun to make!

I tucked some of the stars in a basket I had, added pine, mini lights, red berries and candy canes.

I usually have a Christmas village on my mantle, but was just tired of it, and wanted something different. I had this old window frame, put scrapbook paper behind, added simple cut out letters and snowflake. Not sure I'm sold on the snowflake as opposed to the letter O, but I'm leaving it.

Here's the whole thing, the only thing missing is the fire...oops!


This is a Pinterest idea I had seen using small wreaths, but I decided to use vintage ornaments instead, tied onto a tension rod. then I added real pine and some berries to cover the rod. This is above my kitchen sink, so I am imagining pine needles falling into my sink in the next couple of weeks...

A close up of a fairly large old fashioned type looking lantern I have. I added fresh pine and cranberries and a battery candle I had. Looks pretty when lit. Out around it is just some braided fabric with jingle bells sewn on.

An old muffin tin with tea lights on my Hoosier cupboard with cranberries thrown around for fun. I like to use stuff I already have.

And I got this idea from the tour of homes. It's just old mason jars in the canner rack...also on my Hoosier...pine and jingle bells around it.  I put tea lights in the top, nothing in the jars YET. You could put cinnamon sticks, potpourri, candy canes, whatever. 

The last thing for this post is another idea from the tour. This is on my kitchen table. Again, old blue mason jars. You pour water into the jars, pour it out, and immediately pour salt in...I used Epsom salts. Then you dump out the salt and it sticks...who woulda thought! Tea lights in the top. Some of the salt falls off as it dries, but gives it a frosty/snowy look...and so sooo easy! That's all for now. I have a few more things to try yet that aren't finished, but on the whole, it's looking and feelin festive around here! Sigh...I LOVE this time of year!

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Journey to Bethlehem

Last Saturday evening, I took the boys on the Journey to Bethlehem again this year in Walnut Creek. It was set up a little different this year. But of course we had to deal with Herod again! I asked the boys if they wanted to skip Herod, but they both decided to go in again. We stood in the BACK, Perrin covered his ears...Herod asked our group what we wanted. We replied we are looking for the newborn king. He yelled that HE was the only king, there is no newborn king, we can get out. As soon as he was finished, Kayden piped up, "He wasn't near as bad and loud as last year." The lady beside us cracked up.
 Next we traveled to the INN where the innkeeper was just turning Joseph and Mary away because the inn was full. He told them where they could go to the barn.
 Next we walked to some sheep grazing in the pasture with their shepherds.
 When above them the angels began singing and they were sore afraid.
 After we left the angels, we walked through the loud marketplace where people were selling their wares.

 And outside of the marketplace was the animal market place. They could feed the animals.
 Last we drove to find the stable, where we found Joseph, Mary and baby Jesus.
 The shepherds had found him too.
Two little boys enjoying the evening!
 Lastly, we got into horse drawn wagons to go the the big farm house, where we were treated to cookies, hot chocolate, fresh baked cinnamon rolls, candy canes. Hundreds of luminaries lit all the paths and looked amazing! We walked to a fire where we could roast marshmallows and get kettle corn. All of this yummy stuff was free! There were also camels, oxen, goats and sheep that they could look at.
Then back up onto another hay wagon and back to the parking lot to find out car. What a great evening to start the Christmas season! (Plus the whole Herod thing wasn't as bad as last year!)

Thursday, November 22, 2012

I'm Thankful for...

My wonderful family
My church family
My really great friends
Good CF treatments/medicines
My CF doctors/staff
My iPad
Technology in general
Online shopping
Case workers/advocates
Hot chocolate
Homemade bread from Hershbergers
A good movie
Bloggy friends

 Happy Thanksgiving!

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Christmas home tours

Friday evening I went with some friends on a local Christmas homes tour event, sponsored by the Blessings Design team. This team is composed of a small and talented group of Christian ladies, who desire to help others. We bought tickets and the money will go to help two ladies in our who recently lost her husband and has four young children, the other lady has a disabled beautiful 3 year old daughter who has so far been classified with a challenging mystery disease. There will be some re-decorating done in their homes. Sorta like extreme home makeover on TV, only not as extreme! There were five featured homes, all decorated for Christmas. Five cozy, beautifully decorated homes, showing personality/talent of their owners. Wow, my mind was in total overload all evening, storing up ideas of new decorating tips to try for Christmas...i could hardly even stand it! A lot of it I can do with things i already have. And there were refreshments and Christmas caroling involved. What a great evening! I'll post pictures of some ideas I use when I decorate for Christmas soon...can't wait! Now all I need is some energy to coordinate with my swirling mind of ideas! And yes, I'll wait till thanksgiving is actually over to decorate. I'm about to cook my first turkey next week! Hmmm

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Trying something new...sub Q

My IgG levels have been consistently running low the last several months. IgG has to do with cells fighting off infection in the immune system. So my doctors want to try a gamma globulin treatment called Hizentra for the next six months. It's given sub-Q, meaning not into a vein by IV, but into the fatty tissue of the stomach or thighs. It's given once a week and I'm being taught to do it myself. Yup, I could be a nurse. My first one was last week at the immunologists office. I was there 3 and 1/2 hours...there are three needles to be stuck in my lower stomach (yikes, wasn't expecting 3)! Each has tubing on it that goes to a large syringe, which fits into a pump. The medicine infuses in about 90 min. The nurse was great...and I didn't feel terribly overwhelmed, since I have learned to give myself IVs, it's somewhat similar. The nurse will come to my house the next two or three weeks until I feel comfortable doing it myself. The plan is to try this weekly for six months to see if it helps my immune system fight off infections any better...if not, I'll stop then. I did this years ago by doing once a month IV treatments, but never along with my CF treatments (except when I was in hospital about 18 mo ago). So I guess it's worth a shot.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Family Pics

We had some family pictures taken recently by Lauren, from our church...a young aspiring photographer. I thought she did a pretty good job! It was a beautiful, although windy Fall day. Here are a few of them...

Wednesday, October 10, 2012