Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Twas Very Merry

Chestnuts were not roasting and Jack Frost wasn't nipping, but we had a nice Christmas. I always like if it snows for Christmas, but there was nary a flake in sight. We seem to be having a mild OH winter so far. And my son will be ecstatic if it stays that way! Personally, I think we need at least one major snowstorm. Like up to the mailboxes. Back to the subject, here are just a few random snippets of our Christmas. And they are kind of in random order too...

I learned how to fold these napkins the week before Christmas, and I thought it looked like fun, so I got together with Brenda and we each made them for our Christmas dinners. They took a bit of time, but fun to do with a friend. Cute with the little mini m&m "lights". We tried to think what would be good to use as a star on top, but our creativity was gone by then.

My table is set!

Hubs got these cute little candy tractors from someone at work, so I put them by the boys' plates.

And now I'm changing the subject. Earlier in December, we went to hear Tiffany sing in the Messiah. It was a beautiful production...the live orchestra was amazing, as were the singers. I couldn't take a picture during the singing (camera wasn't cooperating), so I just took a pic of her afterwards.

And then refreshments were served.

A random picture of Perrin being silly with his Burger King crown a couple of weeks ago. Cute, so I threw that in.

And now back to more Christmas. We got bikes for the boys...Toy Story for Kayden and Cars 2 for Perrin. Do you think they like them?

This is Warren's sister Cindy. I wrote about her in 2009 when she was in the hospital for months. She has a very rare bone disease. Her bones are dense and brittle. She broke her leg the end of October just by turning in bed. She just had an x-ray and there is no indication of healing so far. Not sure what will happen, she is pretty much confined to a wheel chair for now. The Drs. at Cleveland Clinic are rather stumped. Someone comes and helps her MWF mornings. We brought her to our place for Christmas. I'm sure she would appreciate your prayers!

French silk pie, easy to make and one of my favorite desserts!

I'm not sure what he is doing here with Aila, but I love his curls! This and the rest of the pictures are of our Christmas at my dads. He got a Cars 2 car. For some reason, he calls Cars 2 Car Speed.

Aila got the cutest tea set!

And Kayden got one of his favorite things, dinosaurs! He got a T-rex and a Triceratops. He had a week off from preschool (he was not happy about it), but when he went back he took them along because they were doing letter Dd and it was dinosaur day!

Dad and Sue opening their gift...crackers, wine, cheese and a few gift cards.

We have been playing Bingo the last few years. Whoever wants to play brings a $5 gift. Kyle (in black) is always the caller. Wouldn't be the same without him doing that. Lots of laughing…except we were missing Katelyn's humor.

We played Ninja for fun. I was out pretty quickly the couple of times I played (no surprise there). Too bad Katelyn wasn't here to help play! We missed Katelyn, Shane, Michelle, Keith and Terra. Hoping next year everyone can be there!!

They were just cracking got kinda crazy...

Those were just a few pics of Christmas. It was fun and I'm still feeling well. I got my port flushed the week after Christmas, and it's still just there, not having to be used yet, which is awesome! I haven't even had a dr. appt. in weeks! After 4 months worth of IV's in the last year and nearly a month in the hospital in March, rapidly losing lung function at the time, I'm pretty amazed at how good I've been feeling. And I continue to be very thankful!


Anonymous said...

And very thankful also!

Keetha Broyles said...

What a fun collection of Christmas randomness!

I especially like the napkin trees and the candy tractors.

Somer Love said...

nominated you for a blog award... Check it out