Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Uh Oh, I did it!

I've joined the wonderful world of Pinterest. What is Pinterest??? An online virtual pinboard that allows you to "pin" ideas and things you like. Pinterest rhymes with interest and you pretty much save/pin your interests. I have looked at several boards for awhile, just sort of dabbling in it a little and I finally did it...I took the plunge and I'm a pinner. And I will admit I'm just a little addicted. Trying not to be obsessed. Back when I was planning my wedding or building our house, I'd find pictures and ideas from magazines and cut them out and file them in folders...same thing, but waaay easier! And online, BP (Before Pinterest) I'd find things I wanted to remember, or a great recipe, but I'd never remember what website I'd find it on, unless I'd remember to write it down or use favorites. Now I can store and organize and therefore come back and find right there on my little boards what I wanted to remember to try. It's pretty awesome! Plus it's fun to follow along to see what other peeps like, or follow ones with your same interests. So I've spent the last few weeks pinning and repinning. There are so many good ideas to find that need to be pinned and tried. I've made a couple of crafts with the boys that I had pinned as well as some very fun scarf ideas to make. Right now, I'm looking for bathroom remodelling ideas, as that is our next project. So I pin as I find ideas. There is also a pin it button you can use if you want to pin a great idea for your home, your hair, your style, kids room, recipe from a blog. Or you can repin other peoples pins. So many ideas out there that are good, it makes me nuts! I love Pinterest and will check it every day...sometimes things just jump right out at me, some I have to really look at. Some I completely skip over. You can organize your boards simply or creatively. But overall, Pinterest is just. plain. fun! And so I've joined the group of pinners........... Help! But I'm not looking back!! It's good I have to do treatments every day, so I don't feel guilty about being online for a couple hours a day! You can check out Pinterest by going here. And you can check out my boards here. I'm still somewhat newish at this and will probably rearrange and add boards, but this is it for now. I might post some projects I've tried from Pinterest ideas as future blog subjects. So do you Pinterest???????? A) Yes, love it...B) No, don't wanna get addicted, or C) hey, I might check it out!


Colleen said...

I pinterest. At first I thought it was the biggest waste of time, but now I love it. I love being able to track crafts, books, movies and get ideas from others.


Anonymous said...

that would be a "C" from me.

blessedmoms simple home said...

Yes, I love it too. I think it might just put magazines out of business though :)