Tuesday, March 20, 2012


Hello Spring! Goodbye Winter that never really was. I guess most people experienced a very mild winter this year...We had a couple of little snowfalls that pretty much melted the next day. I never really got the one big snow up to the mailboxes that I wanted. The weather has been amazing for March...yesterday and today it hit 80! It's hot! And now that I'm in Spring mode and everything is blooming a whole month early, I sure hope it doesnt get cold again...but who knows, with OH.

Well, I've just been a busy little crafter lately...using ideas of things I've found on Pinterest. I've made three scarves, a cute pillowcase dress, painted a picture frame and added just a scrapbook 12x12 paper to make an easy, cute picture to hang. I've also made some DIY cleaners, one of which made my sinks, tubs and toilets very sparkly. I tried a liquid laundry detergent, but think I like my regular homemade powdered better. Ive tried some good recipes as well. I love pinterest and all the ideas I've found! My next project is to make a mini resurrection garden for Easter. I wonder sometimes how I would've managed to teach school and raise kids if I would've had Facebook, Pinterest and blog reading then...you'd definitely have to discipline yourself as to time spent on it!

I'm feeling ok, just get nauseous sometimes from my antibiotics that I'm on, but they are helping.

And that's it...here's to Spring!


Keetha Broyles said...

I think it is "good-by fall" since we seem to have had a long fall which has turned right into SUMME!! We've been in the low 80's for about a week now.

It may cool down into the 60's or 50's - - - but I think the winter that wasn't isn't.

Colleen said...

I love Pinterest too! You should post for pictures of all this fun stuff you are making!

Anonymous said...

Its funny to me that I complained last year of all the snow, but then this year I was boo-hoo'in because we didn't get much of it! Goodness, I am just as bad as the unpredictable Ohio weather! :)


blessedmoms simple home said...

You've been busy!! I love Pinterest, but you're right, we have to restrict our time online :)