Friday, May 4, 2012

Taking a break...

from IVs that is...When I'm on IVs, I have a home health nurse who comes once a week (she is great!) plus I have to make the trip to clinic once a week. The nurse usually does bloodwork and changes my port needle and dressing...or they do that at clinic. At my appointment, they go over the bloodwork, take a culture and check lung function (pfts)... Then decide if I should continue the Ivs for the next week. Yesterday was an appointment. My pfts have not gone up , actually went down a tad. I still don't have much energy, short of breath and feel pretty much the same as when I started the IVs almost a month ago. My lungs were not behaving and I sounded pretty tight and wheezyish. I don't feel terrible, I just wanted to feel like I did last September after IVs. Another burst of prednisone is an option, but I said no for right now. We decided to pull the IV and take a break. I'm in the feeling free mode today! I'm hoping this doesnt mean a new lower pft I'll see how the next few days go. My joints hurt, hands, wrists and knees. I only wish I had a little of the energy my little grandsons have! They wanted to race me around the house the other day...ummhmmm...right, boys. My SIL with the bone disease had surgery at Cleveland Clinic last week. They took out the rod in her leg, scraped the inside of her bone and put in a new larger rod. It was a rough few days, but she is home and doing better. The hope is that this will stimulate new bone cells to grow, help her break heal and get her walking again...which would be awesome! We will see. I took hubby to the hospital for carpal tunnel surgery. He did well...he has to ice it a lot for tonight and tomorrow. Its his dominant hand, so it'll probably be more difficult than last time. He'll be off work for a couple of weeks. So we've had lots of medical stuff going on lately! Prayers are appreciated!

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Keetha Broyles said...

Goodness, you sure HAVE had a lot of medical stuff going on.

Thinking of you.