Thursday, September 20, 2012


It seriously is taking me forever to write this post...the new blogger is now permanent and I had still been using the old. Now I HAVE to use this and figure out how to navigate... Anyways, what have I been up to?? I deaccessed my port last Friday after a little over a month of IV's. It feels so good to have a little more free time again. The IV's always take 3 hours a day total. My PFT's though have just been STUCK at 35-36% (FEV 1) pretty much all summer, even after a total of 2 weeks of IV's, being on oral antibiotics on vacation, then another month of home IV's. Frustrating. So they added the dreaded prednisone for several weeks and I've been on a pred high ever since. Nice to have some energy! I've been cooking, some canning and even getting ready for a garage sale. I go back next Thurs. for a check at clinic. I'm waiting to hear about doing a gamma globulin treatment and also a bronch is being scheduled to see what's going on with the lung bleeds and low grade fevers I've been having. Now on to the canning...

Making Concord grape juice concentrate... I've been having fun with this. I LOVE homemade canned grape juice! You use a steamer thing, add the washed grapes, sugar, steam it an hour, then into the jars, seal and that's it. No cold packing or anything, they seal because the juice is hot. So I have several jars of yummy, sweet goodness. My daughter-in-law made some too...the boys love it! You dump it in a pitcher and add 1/2 jar of water to reconstitute. Soooo much better than the store bought! I also tried making grape jelly, which I'd never done before. It didn't set, I had to redo it...I think it'll be OK now. Not sure I'll ever try that again though!

All done and sealed, ready to store!

This is the steamer. That little tube in front clamps shut and you put the juice into jars with it. I forgot to take a picture of Stephanie doing this part. That's the fun part!

And the very best part of the last week was being able to take a shower again. We remodelled a bathroom this summer, taking out an old leaking tub...turning the whole tub area into a tiled shower. The shower door was put on the VERY day I had to start IV's and you can't get your port wet while it's accessed, so I had to just look at this for a whole month. It drove me nuts!

We had the walls repainted, as well as the vanity. Top of vanity stayed the same.

The floor tile is the same as shower, but the floor of the shower is a broken rock effect. The lighting on all of it isn't great on these pictures, the tile is a little darker than it looks here. I love how it all turned out!

Happy showering to me!

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