Friday, September 7, 2012


I had a clinic appointment yesterday. I have to go in weekly when I'm doing home IVs. My PFTs are STILL no higher and it's frustrating. I nearly fell out of the booth thing just doing them! My lungs were wheezing to beat the band according to my dr. So guess what...prednisone of course, starting tomorrow. Hello insomnia and high blood sugars, but maybe some energy and joint pain relief. Such a love/hate relationship I have with prednisone...a little more on the hating it side, though...too many side affects. But I do think I need it right now...I said no last week, this week I'll do it. 60 mg for three days, then tapering for a total of 21 days. And staying on IVs for one more week. At my clinic they take you off after 4 weeks. My dr. wants my immune system tested again to see if gamma globulin tratments might be an option to help me. After my clinic appointment, I went to the car to hook up my IV, which I'd brought along in a cooler. Hooked up to my portable and then tucked it in my purse and went to get a snack at the vending place. By the time I was back to the car, there was only 10 min left. Perfect timing, since I had an appointment with the immunologist in the same building (or so I thought). When I got there, there it said neurology...ok, I was sure it was the right place, but I hadn't been there in a year. A hospital worker saw me looking confused and asked me what I'm looking for. It ended up that they had moved to a different building, within walking distance. She showed me where and I huffed and puffed and finally made it, all out of breath and 10 min late. But it was all ok. Afterwards, I had orders to get a bunch of bloodwork done, so I walked way back over to the had just closed. So I had to walk to the OTHER lab at the OTHER end of the hospital. My poor lungs had about had it till I got there, but I made it. So it was quite a long day for me. I left at 12:45 and got home at 7:20. Now I just wait for the bloodwork from there and next Thurs I'll be back for another clinic visit.

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