Thursday, November 22, 2012

I'm Thankful for...

My wonderful family
My church family
My really great friends
Good CF treatments/medicines
My CF doctors/staff
My iPad
Technology in general
Online shopping
Case workers/advocates
Hot chocolate
Homemade bread from Hershbergers
A good movie
Bloggy friends

 Happy Thanksgiving!

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Christmas home tours

Friday evening I went with some friends on a local Christmas homes tour event, sponsored by the Blessings Design team. This team is composed of a small and talented group of Christian ladies, who desire to help others. We bought tickets and the money will go to help two ladies in our who recently lost her husband and has four young children, the other lady has a disabled beautiful 3 year old daughter who has so far been classified with a challenging mystery disease. There will be some re-decorating done in their homes. Sorta like extreme home makeover on TV, only not as extreme! There were five featured homes, all decorated for Christmas. Five cozy, beautifully decorated homes, showing personality/talent of their owners. Wow, my mind was in total overload all evening, storing up ideas of new decorating tips to try for Christmas...i could hardly even stand it! A lot of it I can do with things i already have. And there were refreshments and Christmas caroling involved. What a great evening! I'll post pictures of some ideas I use when I decorate for Christmas soon...can't wait! Now all I need is some energy to coordinate with my swirling mind of ideas! And yes, I'll wait till thanksgiving is actually over to decorate. I'm about to cook my first turkey next week! Hmmm

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Trying something new...sub Q

My IgG levels have been consistently running low the last several months. IgG has to do with cells fighting off infection in the immune system. So my doctors want to try a gamma globulin treatment called Hizentra for the next six months. It's given sub-Q, meaning not into a vein by IV, but into the fatty tissue of the stomach or thighs. It's given once a week and I'm being taught to do it myself. Yup, I could be a nurse. My first one was last week at the immunologists office. I was there 3 and 1/2 hours...there are three needles to be stuck in my lower stomach (yikes, wasn't expecting 3)! Each has tubing on it that goes to a large syringe, which fits into a pump. The medicine infuses in about 90 min. The nurse was great...and I didn't feel terribly overwhelmed, since I have learned to give myself IVs, it's somewhat similar. The nurse will come to my house the next two or three weeks until I feel comfortable doing it myself. The plan is to try this weekly for six months to see if it helps my immune system fight off infections any better...if not, I'll stop then. I did this years ago by doing once a month IV treatments, but never along with my CF treatments (except when I was in hospital about 18 mo ago). So I guess it's worth a shot.