Saturday, November 17, 2012

Trying something new...sub Q

My IgG levels have been consistently running low the last several months. IgG has to do with cells fighting off infection in the immune system. So my doctors want to try a gamma globulin treatment called Hizentra for the next six months. It's given sub-Q, meaning not into a vein by IV, but into the fatty tissue of the stomach or thighs. It's given once a week and I'm being taught to do it myself. Yup, I could be a nurse. My first one was last week at the immunologists office. I was there 3 and 1/2 hours...there are three needles to be stuck in my lower stomach (yikes, wasn't expecting 3)! Each has tubing on it that goes to a large syringe, which fits into a pump. The medicine infuses in about 90 min. The nurse was great...and I didn't feel terribly overwhelmed, since I have learned to give myself IVs, it's somewhat similar. The nurse will come to my house the next two or three weeks until I feel comfortable doing it myself. The plan is to try this weekly for six months to see if it helps my immune system fight off infections any better...if not, I'll stop then. I did this years ago by doing once a month IV treatments, but never along with my CF treatments (except when I was in hospital about 18 mo ago). So I guess it's worth a shot.


Keetha Broyles said...

I believe when you said you'd "give it a SHOT" that was pretty punny.

Bless your heart - - - more needles. More sticks. More obnoxiousness.

Thinking of you.

Juyd said...

Praying this process will prove to be helpful for you!