Thursday, December 6, 2012

Journey to Bethlehem

Last Saturday evening, I took the boys on the Journey to Bethlehem again this year in Walnut Creek. It was set up a little different this year. But of course we had to deal with Herod again! I asked the boys if they wanted to skip Herod, but they both decided to go in again. We stood in the BACK, Perrin covered his ears...Herod asked our group what we wanted. We replied we are looking for the newborn king. He yelled that HE was the only king, there is no newborn king, we can get out. As soon as he was finished, Kayden piped up, "He wasn't near as bad and loud as last year." The lady beside us cracked up.
 Next we traveled to the INN where the innkeeper was just turning Joseph and Mary away because the inn was full. He told them where they could go to the barn.
 Next we walked to some sheep grazing in the pasture with their shepherds.
 When above them the angels began singing and they were sore afraid.
 After we left the angels, we walked through the loud marketplace where people were selling their wares.

 And outside of the marketplace was the animal market place. They could feed the animals.
 Last we drove to find the stable, where we found Joseph, Mary and baby Jesus.
 The shepherds had found him too.
Two little boys enjoying the evening!
 Lastly, we got into horse drawn wagons to go the the big farm house, where we were treated to cookies, hot chocolate, fresh baked cinnamon rolls, candy canes. Hundreds of luminaries lit all the paths and looked amazing! We walked to a fire where we could roast marshmallows and get kettle corn. All of this yummy stuff was free! There were also camels, oxen, goats and sheep that they could look at.
Then back up onto another hay wagon and back to the parking lot to find out car. What a great evening to start the Christmas season! (Plus the whole Herod thing wasn't as bad as last year!)


Keetha Broyles said...

I REMEMBER this activity from last year. It is just wonderful.

HEY - - - look in there in the last market picture - - - there are TWIN BROTHERS/SISTERS to my own little African Giraffe on the Savannah. Hmmmm, wonder how THOSE would react to a snowman in their midst???

Judy said...

The Journey to Bethlehem sounds/looks awesome! I don't think we have anything like that around our area (that I'm aware of.) Great place to take your grandsons!