Wednesday, January 30, 2013

In sickness and in health...

...part of the vows we took many years ago. My hubby has sure been there for me through many many sick times, hospitalizations, surgeries, tests, treatments, etc. He has been a great caretaker when I've needed him to be! And of course we've had some great healthy times mixed in there too!

 And now he has some health issues of his own...and he's NEVER sick! The last couple of months he's been having some stomach issues and lost 10-12 lbs...which he doesn't need to lose. This past weekend he scared me, having severe abdominal pain and he felt so bad, he actually did see the dr Sat morning. They did bloodwork, urinalysis, etc. He was miserable all weekend. We both just hibernated in bed all weekend. Monday they called and said his white blood count was quite high and scheduled him for a cat scan later that morning. I needed more X-rays of my legs for my new rheumatologist, so we both were out at the hospital at the same time registering for X-rays and scan. It struck us as comical actually. Later that afternoon, the dr called and said the scan showed diverticulitis and colitis. No masses. We were happy it's something very treatable! He has to be scheduled for a scope (upper) and a colonoscopy. He is taking off the next 2 weeks of work to recuperate a bit. He started on antibiotics and he is not in nearly as much pain as the weekend.

 I've had more kidney stone pain, so had made an appointment with my PCP this morning, although the pain had stopped last evening. There was blood in my urine and she sent me over to the hospital for a cat scan. My dr called later today and said there was no evidence of the 5mm stone, so I must've passed it last night when pain stopped. There are several others in the kidney that are 1-3mm in size. Now I'm a kidney stone machine...

Tomorrow morning, I have a CF appointment...hoping PFTs are still as good as last week. I just dread doing them so much!

A final niece Lindsay (a great basketball player in high school and college) was playing a little 3 on 3 and she tore her achilles. She had surgery the week I was in the hospital. She and her hubby are in their last months of dental school at OH State and they need to do their state boards this weekend. They have to spend a whole day with patients, with the profs watching every move. She is in a cast and has to use this little scooter thing to get around, so we are praying she can get through this tough weekend...any prayers would be appreciated!

Friday, January 25, 2013

A little backset and progress

Ive been home a week now. Hubby got a small frig for our bedroom so I can keep my meds and IVs in without having to go up and down has been great! I was having some stomach/heartburn/throwing up...not being able to eat or even drink. I checked my pills and realized I was out of Prevacid, which I've taken for years. With the hospital admission and coming home in a steroid haze, I didn't realize I wasnt taking them after I got home. (was in the hospital).I lost 8 lbs in the past week...yikes! But as of yesterday, I'm back on them and I can eat again!! Truly a magical pill! I had an appointment with a new arthritis dr in Akron on Wed. It's a second opinion...she took 17 X-rays of my hands and back and 9 vials of blood. She doesn't think it's rheumatoid, but osteoarthritis or cf related arthritis. She changed plaquenil to Celebrex it was an exhausting day and I used O2 the whole time. Yesterday was a CF appointment. I felt like I was breathing better, took O2 along...but didn't need it if I walked slow. They de/reaccessed port...IVs for another week for sure. But the best part was that my PFTs were at 42% and .99L. I was proud, amazed, thrilled! I haven't been out of the 30s in months. Now I just need to eat and get some strength back again! Next CF appointment is Thursday. I'm praying for more improvement! Oh and enjoying our pretty snowfall today...

Monday, January 21, 2013

Quite the week

I've been hanging out in the hospital for the last week. I came home Fri.afternoon. It all started the first week in January...kinda tired, some hemotopysis, shortness of breath. I was short of breath even with O2. It's a very panicky feeling. I called my cf center, went in for appointment a day later on Jan 10. Within a very short time I was immediately admitted. The left side of lungs had no air moving through and right side completely wheezy. Just. Couldn't. Breathe! They started very aggressive treatments of massive iv steroids every 6 hrs, antibiotic Ivs, aerosols every 2 hours round the clock, four hand percussion treatments a day. I had no sleep for two days/nights. As I laid there awake from the steroids, I totally redecorated the room in my head...tearing off border, repainting the walls, cleaning, scrubbing etc. By the third night they tried two different sleep meds and I could get some snatches of sleep. And breathing easier.

 Tues morning I woke up to some back pain. I thought I laid wrong in bed, but it kept getting worse and worse around the side. I'm thinking surely not a kidney stone...they gave me some morphine and sent me to X-ray and sure enough a 5mm stone. An ultrasound was done later that day to make sure kidney wasn't swelling. I was started on fluids in an attempt to flush it out, but as of now, it's still in there somewhere...maybe moved to an undetermined hiding place. At least its not hurting for now.

 Wednesday night event...I broke out in shingles. This has happened before when I've been sick and I've had the vaccine. So acyclovir was added to meds. Body, just give me one uneventful day!

Thursday I got an IVIG treatment. My port was deaccessed in the afternoon so I had a window of time in which to shower before it was accessed again. I was scared to try it, but I used a chair and O2 (which sounds so pathetic) and it went ok. I was exhausted but quite proud...and clean! Friday late morning I had another ultrasound, then did pfts. They were the same as when I was admitted, so I was disappointed...but at least they stayed stable. I was discharged a few hours later. It felt a little scary, yet I was so wanting to be back home! My home iv meds arrived very soon after we got home. 
So I'm just settling in here with my Ivs and O2 when I'm up, which so far is not a lot. Hope to get 
stronger each day. Baby steps... 

 From my Jesus Calling devotional today... Your security rests in Me alone...not in other people or circumstances. Depending on me may feel like walking on a tightrope, but there is a safety net underneath: the everlasting arms. So don't be afraid of falling. Instead, look to Me. I am always before you, becoming on-one step at a time. Neither height nor depth, nor anything else in creation, can separate you from My loving Presence.