Wednesday, February 13, 2013

All wrapped up and snow

The night before I went into the hospital, Jeremy's family came over with a wrapped gift. What?? They said it was an early Mothers Day gift and they decided to give it early because I hadn't been feeling well, so they thought I should have it now. I opened it and it was this beautiful big soft throw with pictures of my family cool is that? Nothing like being all wrapped up in your family! I put it on my list of things to bring to the hospital when I was admitted....It was a great conversation piece for the nurses! I spread it out across my bed at home to take the pictures, which didn't turn out great at all with the lighting, but you get the's nice to cover up with during the day when I'm resting.

Beautiful roses sent from Florida from Dad and Sue. Thank you guys...I thoroughly enjoyed!

 Last week we had several inches of snow...the littles wanted to come shovel snow for us. It was fun watching them "working" so hard. I made them some hot chocolate to drink outside.

Cute little faces...

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Judy said...

What an awesome throw, beautiful roses and...yes...cute faces!!