Tuesday, February 19, 2013


Last Thursday morning I woke up to this little face giving me a good morning look.

And then I saw some pretty flowers on the dresser, some candy too. Yum, nice way to start my day!
And yes, it was Valentines Day...we generally don't really celebrate it, but we did get engaged on Valentines Day many years ago! I found a ring in a box of long stemmed roses that day...

We had to get moving as I had a clinic appointment AND my IVs were stopped. Time for a break! My PFTs  really haven't changed and my Dr think it's my new baseline. He doesn't anticipate them really going up. It really does make a difference when they're under 40%...however, I definately am feeling better than I did five weeks ago, and I'm breathing better...so that counts too! It's not always about the numbers. But now its a challenge to me to get them up! It was a rough five weeks, but I'm slowly coming back, although I do feel pretty fragile yet! I have gained a few pounds (I'm sure with the help of prednisone)...I want to eat all the time, especially dark chocolate sea salt caramels. So I just do it! We have a new frozen yogurt place in town that I've been hearing good things about...can't wait to try that out! I took a most wonderful shower the next day (with O2) Best.Thing.Ever! That's always the best thing about having your port de-accessed! Hubby is still struggling with his issues, I can't wait until his appointment with the gasterontologist in a couple of weeks! He is slowly going back to work a few hours a day. I like having him around a little more, but he needs to heal and gain weight back!

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Keetha Broyles said...

Nice Valentine's Day treats.

You know I worry about you - - - I know too much medicine.

I care.