Wednesday, February 6, 2013


Warren is home and I am very happy he's back! Jeremy brought him home as Stephanie and I were leaving for a dr our paths crossed fleetingly. He had a colonoscopy and scope done yesterday which showed that he has some very impressive ulcers in his colon. The dr said he's not seen anything like it in years! He didn't know how he could even have been eating anything, period. They did biopsies to see the type of ulcers. Also the scope showed acid and gas in stomach and bile leaking in too, causing problems. He's being referred to a gastroentologist and has an appt in a couple of weeks. Of course I'll be researching all this over the next few days.

I saw my immunologist today and had bloodwork done to check IgG levels and t-cell levels to see if  my gamma gard treatments are helping or if I'll need to increase dosage. Tomorrow is a CF appt and I'll probably get deaccessed and will stop IVs, I usually don't do more than a month at a time. I've started losing my voice, just dr today thought it's probably a virus. That's it, SOOO glad we are both home together and hoping he takes it easy for awhile...he's not too good at doing that!


Anonymous said...

So glad your hubby is back home with you! I will be praying for him as he recovers-- hope he can find a wonderful doctor!

See you in an hour. :) Can't wait to catch up with you.


Susannah said...

Oh wow, you all are in my prayers! I'm so glad your hubby is home with you now!

Keetha Broyles said...

Hi JoEllen!

While I'm very glad hubby is home, I DO hope they gave him something to help the ulcers start healing and stop hurting in the MEANTIME for two weeks while he waits to go to the GI specialist!!

Karlene said...

So glad Warren is home and you as well! Praying for both of you!