Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Spring Spring Spring!

Taking a quick break from the CF awareness today to focus on Spring. I have been SO ready for Spring. The only bad part is the changing weather...warm/cold plus pollen levels makes me extremely wheezy! I went walking around the outside of my house and just snapped a few pictures. I wish all these things would stay blooming all spring and summer, but they don't, maybe we'd take it more for granted if they did. If you know me at all, flowers and flowering things make me happy. I couldn't live without flowers! Seriously...Well, I can always come back here and look at the pictures when they're done blooming. 

The lilacs smell so amazing!

This bleeding heart is a starter plant from my Grandma. As a kid, I was always amazed at these...couldn't imagine how a plant could grow hearts.

Forget me nots always always remind me of my mom...

My strawberry plants are blooming right along. We did have to have them covered the last couple of nights because it did frost.

Ahhh, and the blueberry bushes...loaded with blueberry blooms...I. Can't. Wait.

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Anonymous said...

Your house looks beautiful at every season of the year! We have some pretty blossoms this year on a couple bushes and tress-- too bad they makes us miserable with allergies--oh the things we will sacrifice for nature's beautiful creations. :) Have a good day, friend!