Friday, November 22, 2013

My Sweet Meg

My uncle in Fla informed me that it's been quite awhile since I've blogged...he said May 24th. I knew it had been awhile, and when I checked, yep, it was May 24th. I've turned into a not so bloggy blogger. I'm not dying or dead...I've been busy, tired, unmotivated or just plain kind of forgotten about blogging. So Ward, I'll try to do better for you. I will post a health update very soon, I promise, but my first post back has to be about my sweet little Meg, also known as Meggie, Meggie Sue or Meggle Sue. Meg was definately THE smartest dog we ever had. She understood everything we said, communicated to us what she wanted, did a ton of pretty smart tricks and we were sure one day she'd start talking to us.

 Meg, a toy poodle was born in May of 1997 and lived with us for 16 years. She was just part of our family. And no, a dog is not like kids or grandkids, but they can be pretty special too. To begin with, Warren didn't really want to deal with a new puppy at that time, but he ended up completely falling in love with her and she went for many walks with him and he tossed a ball or they played every evening. She always got so excited when he came home from work. Meg would always bring something like a ball or hair band or whatever she found on the floor, drop it by your feet, then quickly scamper and hide until you kicked it, then she'd dash after it. She loved this game, playing it relentlessly. She also loved when I'd tell her to go into the bathroom, then I'd hide small treats and she'd come out when I called her and would sniff them out. She loved games.

Meg started slowing down the last couple of years and would mostly lay around. She couldn't hear very well anymore and got cataracts and couldn't see much anymore. We kept our furniture in the same place and she knew her way around, occasionally bumping into something, but not too often. She knew her way around outside too. Towards the end of Sept. she started getting really sick...her liver was failing. The vet tried IV's over the weekend, but things were just not going well. It became clear that it was time to let her go. Sooooo hard! So, on Sept. 30, Warren came home over his lunch break and we both took her up to the vet. They were great, left us alone with her awhile and we told her how much we loved her and that she was the best dog ever. I told her I was so sorry. I wrapped her in a blanket and held her while she passed into her final sleep. And I cried. And cried.

 Life goes on. We have lots of pictures and lots of great memories of Meg, always in our hearts...

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Judy said...

So, so sorry to hear about your little Meg. What a cute little dog she was. I'm glad she was able to make you happy for so many years. May her memories live on...
And, I'm so happy to see you post again! I've been wondering how you were doing, becoming more concerned as time went on with no updates. (Thanks, "Uncle", for spurring her on!!) Please do give us a health update soon as we really do care! Hugs to ya!